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my readings, let me show you them
children of dune - leto 1
Whilst contemplating fires and a current ambient temperature that is, I kid you not, below eighty-five--it's really, really disturbing, for the record--I was reading recs off of FF_A and one fic just bothered me. Not in a hostile to the author way, though if this loops much longer it may get there. Mostly it came from a weird, desperately uncomfortable place regarding memory and intent. But a very real part of it comes from a faint suspicion that human beings are only as civilized as they can make themselves appear to be to others, and any bend by others watching them will mean instant!slippery slope toward evil.

Irreversible by Kristina, House, House/Wilson - WARNING: Rape - this is extremely good for exactly the reason I just stated; I am so very, very unsettled. The author set up a situation that I don't even know what how to react to, and best of all, the character personalities are what's killing me. I see an absolute right alternate solution, but not one that either character could in the end live with.

I'd change the beginning. And only because while it totally adds to the creepy, it would have actually qualified as a horror story with something else. But then, I'm pretty sure right now it qualifies as a domestic horror story nicely.

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Ohhhhh, I read that back in the day. It's perfect and absolutely goddamn terrifying, isn't it? D: "Domestic horror" is a good name for it.

Best use of backwards structure I've ever seen! The pen! It seems like it got scrubbed off...right???????

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