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Austin: Riata Apartments at Black Angus
children of dune - leto 1
Austin residents:

Brush Fire by the Riata Apartments
Fire officials say they are fighting the flames in the area of Black Angus, located in the 12,000 block of Mustang Chase Drive and Dorsett Drive. They are calling this a Multiple Wildland Urban Alarm.

A witness on the scene says they saw some residents along Blank Angus Drive being evacuated, as well as some in the Valley Oaks neighborhood.

One has been reported at Parmer and McNeil behind the HEB, but all I have for that one is an alert currently. Between this and Spicewood Springs, I am feeling really distracted today. We have a lot of brush in Austin. It's kind of a feature of the city.

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Winds are still mostly from the N/NE; but are picking up slightly :( That will clear out the stagnant smoke from this morning, but won't help with containing burning brush fires.

Ahhhh, I know! I've been distracted since the first fire started. My property backs up to a miles-long greenbelt, so I am pretty much afraid to sleep at this point. D:

I can't believe all these fires! When I was growing up there we didn't have any, I wonder what changed?

Is it a firebug, or a spontaneous fire?

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