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the web is dangerous with sites and whatnot
children of dune - leto 1
I always make the mistake of forgetting that if I go to snopes, I will never leave until I am unconscious. The tab can stay open for days--every time I gird myself to close it, I see something like, IDK, tug of war severs men's arms (TRUE!) and boom, I'm back.

Snopes - the center of urban legend debunking and confirming.

My other internet-as-drug sites:

Acts of Gord - the trials and tribulations of a video game store owner. I don't think it's been updated since the early 00's, but I always end up re-reading it a few thousand times. If I remember correctly, it's set entirely in Canada.

The SCP Foundation - it's almost like an encyclopedia of horror both horrific and mundane, isn't it?

Etiquette Hell - sometimes okay, sometimes victim-blamey, usually classist, and always manners above all, including common sense. And yet, it's fascinating sometimes to read, like an anthropological study of the Personus Passive-Agressiveus. And sometimes, it has awesome entries, too.

Passive Aggressive Notes - yeah, exactly. Could lose years in here.

Rotten Tomatoes - in general, probably the best predictor of whether a movie is a.) good or b.) I'll want to see it. The review collection as well as the personal opinions of sitegoers tend to give a fantastic breadth of opinions to mine for information.

Boomshine - yes, I know, and I'm not even sorry. Much. I once played until my fingers cramped.

Not Always Right - from the front lines of the service industry, these are their stories

Lifehacker - it's so soothing, like this weird combination of a do-it-yourself manual and a technological gossip site.

Newegg - okay, yes, technically speaking it's a shopping site, but who doesn't sit entranced while designing teh most awesome computer ever?

Anyone want to contribute? Think of it as poetic justice.

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Similar to Not Always Right, I'd recommend Our Valued Customers. It's all done in illustration, drawn by a comic book-store clerk portraying all sorts of people he has had to interact with at his job.

cracked.com and retailhellunderground.com are two of my go-to sites.

TVTROPES TIMES A MILLION. I barely escape with my life every time I click a link.

+1(000,000) There's a reason that it's slowly becoming common to warn for.

Does that mean warning for TVTropes...has become a trope? *g*

Oh God, THIS. I've wasted days there, literally.

Mandatory xkcd:

YES, (million)^2?

I don't even know how to quantify the time I've lost there, neither do I dare to.

Clientsfromhell.com It's like "Not always right" in a different industry.

This. :) It's Not Always Right for the design industry.

http://foodgawker.com or the similar http://tastespotting.com I can spend way too long browsing there, and it's the first place I go when I'm like, hmm, watercress, what can I do with watercress (or any ingredient).

http://fark.com always has some fun/weird/WTF stuff.

No one has yet mentioned Hyperbole And A Half so I will. Every time I go to read one entry, I get sucked into the hilarity of all the others. I've read them countless times at this point.

Some games:


Meeblings 2.



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