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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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One week until girlinthetrilby is here!

I've planned out three separate arguements we'll have, spacing them carefully over the five days of vacation so we don't overdo it. One might say, this sounds not promising and perhaps, perhaps, also kind of psychotic (if you aren't enlightened, of course), but trust me, organizing your life like this makes *everything* less stressful. Who wants unplanned arguments about unexpected things interfereing with actual fun time? No, you *want* them at predictable times about things you know something about, so the conversation can escalate into yelling at measured paces. I've scheduled cooling off time and also, ways to make amends as well. I'm thinking daquiris and margaritas will aid with the amends thing, since for the first fight, I've decided that I'll be the one to blame.

Yes, this will go swimmingly.

I'd like to poll and see which one of these topics seems most suitable for second day at the beach. Since it's just not classy to fight the first day and all.

Poll #184514 The Argument Poll

Which of these topics should Beth and I have our first major confrontation regarding?

You're hogging the bathroom!
I hate that restaurant! I don't want to go there!
Why is there a naked poolboy in our room?
Is that my naked poolboy you're fondling?
Why does your hair look so great?
Why oh why are you so wonderful and perfect, dammit?
You like Clark too much! You're evil!
It's your turn to do the dishes

I think it's more democratic this way, don't you?

Started work on various Halloween crafty decorations with construction paper, scissors, and determination. I'm scaring people at work a lot.

*smiles happily*

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Have fun on vacation. I'll miss you guys.

I think it's more democratic this way, don't you?

It's so much fun to be a part of the process! *g* (Plus, I'm in the majority. That doesn't always happen.)

Have fun, hon!

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