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movie: jane eyre

You know, and I say this with deep romantic love, Rochester is a creepy creepster who is creeping creepily. Just. For the record. Oh my God his creeping over Jane. How did I forget how unearthly unsubtle Rochester is? He's not even goddamn trying not to be creepy.

Christ, man, just get a fucking sign that says "I HAVE A CREEPY SECRET WHILE I CREEP OVER YOU, JANE."

"Poor and obscure as you are", how did I completely block out this?

Jane Eyre version with Michael Fassbender, which just makes it weirdly appropriate. It's like, Magneto in the nineteenth century whose mutant power is Creepiness. Creepneto. IDK. And also, not genocidal. I mean, I assume, but I've forgotten a lot of the book, so maybe he leads some kind of--yeah, no idea.

Suffice to say, Creepneto is freaking me out badly.

Oh, strangulation in the church. That's--what the hell.

Wait, I'm about to meet the wife. This is terribly, terribly disturbing.

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