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The Toybox

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this is a cosmic joke
children of dune - leto 1
Work lost all water and we have no bathrooms.

This is not my life. For the fucking record.

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I think that's call for a day off...

Um, are they legally allowed to keep you there? Unless they bring in Port A Pottys, (also a FML situation), OSHA regs dictate they have to let you go.

Where is the closest alternate bathroom location you and your coworkers are having to visit instead? (In recent months our building has had repairs or water issues and periodically our bathrooms have been closed, but gah -- at least we could go to the next floor to use theirs!)

I just... yeah. Some years ago I was working for an office that reacted to a security guard finding a homeless person washing up in one of the bathrooms at night by locking the women's room after the dayshift "for our safety" (note that the men on the evening shift with us got to take their chances) and only having one key for our entire office, which some of my spazzier coworkers tended to leave lying on the sink in the restroom, leaving the rest of us screwed until we could find a janitor or security guard to let us in to retrieve it. (Eventually they sprung for individual keys for all the women in our office.)

I think this is Seperis's no good horrible very bad day. Ugh.

I've had that happen a few times. It's never fun. I'm sorry.

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