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it's sunday already?

I have achieved--don't ask me how--two SQL and one Oracle database. That are working. For what value of working there is when they all seem to be, well, less than perfectly easy to use or like, and this is less of a surprise than it should be, put data into.

Granted, I didn't think everything would be Microsoft Access Import and puppies, but I expected, IDK, a way to go about it that wasn't seven hundred steps or would take longer than hand-typing it. There was also the IDE issue; I could control the SQLs from MySQL workbench and Oracle from command line or Eclipse (badly), then NetBeans let me have all of them and true story, you can copy and paste tables from Oracle to MySQL.

You know, I'll be honest; I didn't expect that to actually work. Download the basic structure sans data from MySQL as a grab, reupload it to Oracle to set the structure, then copy all records and paste them. That shouldn't work--I mean, the gods of logic state if it is easy to do, it shouldn't work. Because that is disturbingly easy and wrong on a basic level of my understanding of the universe as it stands.

Well, easy as in, my current fastest way of getting data around is to import Excel to Access, add the primary key, export it to the local MySQL instance, grab and download the table structure and then import the structure to Oracle, then--copy and paste the data.

I just went to check and see--it's still there.

This is what I have learned so far:

1.) Everything works much better if you make no effort to read the installation guide or like, choose options with some kind of logic in mind. It took me three database tries to get one running, due to finally just defaulting everything. It seems to work? I am okay with this.

2.) Do not try to recreate work conditions by setting it on a network and try to access it as one would if one were at work. That way lies madness and hysterics. And rage. So much rage.

3.) Microsoft ODBC Administrator is more useless than anything in the world ever.

4.) I will be dead before I get environmental variables to work. I followed the instructions carefully and created them and promptly nothing worked. Thanks, variables.

At least my sql is getting easier, though conditional statements are getting on my nerves big time. I'm trying to create a simple generic variable-intensive script for fast querying and it just. Won't. Work.

In other news, this is what I do when I'm not at work; worry about work. This build is the first one that's scared me this much.

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