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I am aware that I theoretically have some kind of non-work life, but it is not happening.

Good news: there's an extension on this build so it doesn't go out for another month.
Bad news: I don't think that in the end will help very much. I'm honestly not sure anything can because the fact is, we don't have enough testers or developers. The math just doesn't work.

You know, this would be so much less stressful if I hadn't been both a client and a caseworker for benefit programs. And I separate it out or whatever, but then something crashes and I'm staring at it immediately going "But what if the computer they're on is only limited to fifteen minutes and they can't redo it?" And then I remember my first year as a caseworker and the quadroplegic single mother who was pregnant whose entire case, including all her Medicaids, froze during a system release for eight goddamn weeks because whoever the fuck they had testing then didn't test enough, they didn't test the right combinations, they didn't test it correctly and I'm right back where I started.

The online application has been my personal pet testing project by sheer dogged persistence at this point; it's so convenient to clients, and it's actually easy to use, and it goes pretty fast and it's like, I am convinced that if it deploys and fails, it will be my fault because I didn't test it enough, I didn't test the right combinations, I didn't test it correctly.

In continuing adventures of work being life, I ended up downloading MySQL to practice more with database management since I have my sql permissions at work and Oracle to work on PL/SQL because by the way, our database is insane. Whatever. Learning PL/SQL, now that is interesting. The rest, stressing.

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