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vids: x-men first class, more and more

These are pulled from some of the ones recced to me in my last post (I'm still gleeing through them) and randomly hitting youtube, as I am in the fannish honeymoon phase and I love everything.

Tonight I'm Fucking You by [personal profile] kuwdora, Charles/Erik - okay, first, this is the newer high-quality footage, so if you were waiting for the strobe to end, the strobe is over and thank god.

This has some of the most flawless cutting in the entirety of fandom, which is kind of the norm for her, so no biggie. The vid transitions from Erik-centric to team-centric with the change in music, Erik the badass to the students being badass to Erik again to pick up the theme that Erik does not count the cost of revenge; it's always worth the price.

Okay, I'm going out on a limb on what I got out of it after five watches; it's an argument Erik's having with Charles on what he is and what he'll become. No matter what Charles thinks, he's a weapon and he treats himself like one; the students are weapons. Nothing he does is too much to attain his goals; he's still arguing it, through Charles living Shaw's death, through beating the shit out of him on the beach, up until Charles hits the sand with a bullet in his back.

He could be saying, this is what I am. But he could also be saying, I'm sorry you thought I was more than this. It's a toss up.

Suddenly by LightNeverFades, Charles/Erik - very, very alternate universe with a gorgeous narrative flow. With every ending is another beginning and another chance to get this right.

Happy Ending by echelonslostangel, Charles/Erik - fantastic movement between XMFC and the three other X-Men movies. Some beautiful cutting to the vocals, not the beat, that works. Also, I want to cry, dammit.

Until We Bleed by xCanuckChicklette, Charles/Erik - very, very short, does not change the impact at all.

The Betrayer by sigyn27, Charles/Erik - it starts very abruptly and it takes a few seconds to pull into it, but the heavy beat, the clip choice, and the growing stain of darkness in Erik spilling outward is beautiful.

God's Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash version) by KaseytheJudge, Erik (Charles/Erik implied) - the only thing that really annoys me is the movie audio in there. It didn't need it at all. The visuals did the work just fine, brutally so.

Losing Your Memory by KaseytheJudge, Charles/Erik - this is kind of what you watch when you just need to absorb the entire tragedy. Following Erik being stripped of his humanity by the Nazis and Shaw, the way Charles tried to show him what he still could be, and the ruthlessness of Erik finally discarding it entirely. It ends a little abruptly, but man, ouch.

Perfect Drug by [profile] danegan, Charles/Erik - I literally can't get my head around this one more than to say, love or hate, being Erik's obsession is dangerous. The mirroring of Shaw and Charles is possibly the creepiest thing I have ever seen, and it's amazing. I need to watch about five thousand more times or so.

Magnetizing by CobaltOnyx, Charles/Erik - I'll leave you to discover whey I like this one.

For the KisCon crowd

I'm tracking down the vids we watched that Sunday to post a list (if anyone remembers what they suggested and can remind me, please do). Someone asked specifically about this one.

Spock's Down On His Knees by MissSheenie, Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock - short, sweet, and may I say, awesome.

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