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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i just remembered i have photoshop!
children of dune - leto 1
The moment I realize I am hopelessly into a fandom:

I am watching a Charles/Erik vid set to Far Away by Nickleback and wiping my eyes from the meaningfulness of it. I can't even tell you if it's good (God, I hope it's good), as I am just like "YES YOUR LOVE IS PURE YOU FUCKERS, STOP THIS SHIT AND COMPROMISE! HOW ABOUT STARTING YOUR OWN COUNTRY IN GENOSHA? ERIK GETS HIS OWN KINGDOM TO DISTRACT HIM."

Note: During the second theatre viewing of X-Men First Class in LA, I was watching Erik approach Emma at the end and realized: he glued a giant bug to his helmet and then added an LSD-inspired color theme.

No seriously.

Erik's Helmet


ETA: *tilts head* Or a very strange triangle with antenna. Anyone?

ETA: Oh hell yes, Charles/Erik to Dauntry's It's Not Over. And Jordin Sparks' Battlefield. My life is perfect, yo.

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(Deleted comment)
...or the mothership of giant stag beetles.

This post and the comments thereon pretty muh sum up my attitude towards the outfit:

Which is: He made it hideous on purpose, so that nobody would recognize him without it. Alternatively a meta joke about spellcheck and Megnoto/Magenta.

But yeah: HORNS ON HIS HELMET!!! Like, I'd have understod if it still looked like before and he just glued on some metal bits so he could move it directly, but this is not what this looks like (WHAT it looks like remains to be decided except in a: HOLY SHIT, they managed to conquer Fassy's magical clothes wearing powers and actually make him look BAD, kind of way.)

Which,in post I just linked I also linked to a clearer pic of the helmet (http://www.miracole.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/edgame_helmet.jpg)

Also, can we get vidlinks? (I mean it's pretty much still youtube roulette in Germany (as to what I'll be able to watch), but still.)

I can zip up all the ones I've downloaded for you if you want? It shoudl be all the ones I've recced and a lot of random ones I downloaded from youtube in a haze of OMGERICCHARLES.

I already HAVE a lot of that stuff downloaded (see all the radom links I put in the recs request post) but I'll definitely take any other good ones you've found, there's been at least two that I couldn't watch so far (and I won't require you to actually compare to the list I recced, I can sort stuff out for myself). So, thanks. (Though I should really go to bed now, so I might not be around after this. Of course I might also still be here in a few hours, hates self a little.)

But really, if you wanted to you could make it into a real vid-rec post! (ONLY if you wanted to.)

I KNOW. What the hell were they doing with that outfit? *shudders*

We can always assume that it was a shout-out to the comics fans (I gather he actually wore such an outfit there?) and that it'll be GONE in the next movie. (I really hope it will be!)

Yes. Yes, he did. It's been stupid and ugly since the 1960s.
And we want it gone, too. >:/

The problem is that the outfit is iconic, and he's been wearing some variant of it since the 1960s. While they were able to update a lot of things like the team uniforms on the simple grounds that humans shouldn't wear spandex?

This has the misfortune of being both iconic, and wearable.

Look, everyone has to mark their big gay break up in some fashion. YOu can do worse than painting a a hat purple.

And the horns because he's HORNY?????

Where are the videos you've been watching, sweetie? I'll have to take a look later tonight after I put mom to bed.

Comics geek that I am I've been in love with the notion of Charles/Eric for years now. I've always loved the periods in the comics when they let Eric be redeemed and back with Charles and the rest of the X-Men.

I loved getting to see one of my favorite pairings realized so beautifully onscreen with First Class. :)

Yeah, the helmet. The cape. Sigh. I want a fic where Charles sees him again for the first time after the break-up and tries desperately not to giggle himself stupid at Erik's costume. (Charles is absurdly happy at seeing Erik again anyway.) OK, he thinks, the cape is nice and swishy and impressive while in flight but still ... trying ... not ... to .. offend by ... *snigger*. But Erik is hanging out with Azazel and Emma Frost, and their fashion choices are also not well thought out. He must now save Erik for the sake of his clothes if nothing else.

Friendly lurker here...

Rec: http://1stclass-kink.livejournal.com/4418.html?thread=5399106#t5399106
Trust me, it's gold :)

Re: Friendly lurker here...

Thank you! That's just what I wanted. :-)

A la Mike Meyers: Do I make you horny baby, do I?

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