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i just remembered i have photoshop!

The moment I realize I am hopelessly into a fandom:

I am watching a Charles/Erik vid set to Far Away by Nickleback and wiping my eyes from the meaningfulness of it. I can't even tell you if it's good (God, I hope it's good), as I am just like "YES YOUR LOVE IS PURE YOU FUCKERS, STOP THIS SHIT AND COMPROMISE! HOW ABOUT STARTING YOUR OWN COUNTRY IN GENOSHA? ERIK GETS HIS OWN KINGDOM TO DISTRACT HIM."

Note: During the second theatre viewing of X-Men First Class in LA, I was watching Erik approach Emma at the end and realized: he glued a giant bug to his helmet and then added an LSD-inspired color theme.

No seriously.

Erik's Helmet


ETA: *tilts head* Or a very strange triangle with antenna. Anyone?

ETA: Oh hell yes, Charles/Erik to Dauntry's It's Not Over. And Jordin Sparks' Battlefield. My life is perfect, yo.

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