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murdoch lives an onion article on international television

Murdoch Attached With Plate of Shaving Foam at Parliament (No, This Is Not From the Onion) (Guardian)

More: LA Times

suzvoy apparently saw it live. This is a day in history. I am at work and so video is denied me. Dammit.

Second: [profile] roguesgalley is looking for a summary piece on the Murdoch situation to start with; does anyone have a good link to something along those lines?

Links, Summaries, More Information, Etc

califmole: Phone Hacking: What's It All About? (CNN)

teneagles: Interactive Timeline (Guardian) - Awesome.

jujuberry136: Who's Who Interactive (With Relationship Mapping!) (Guardian) - has corruption ever looked so technologically disturbing in breadth and influence? With neat lines between the players!

jujuberry136: Jon Stewart Tackles the News of the World Scandal

[personal profile] legionseagle: has posts here, here, and here with more Murdoch information. Thank you for posting those!

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