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britannica dramatica (with added dow jones!)

Today is Tuesday, or Friday Minus Four, because it just makes me happier to say that.

Honestly, I feel cranky that I wasn't obsessively following the Murdoch thing more closely, but to be fair, it's not like the chances of it being hushed up were like, not VERY VERY HIGH. Yet here we are.

Rebeckah Brooks Arrested

Sean Hoare, Whistleblower on Phone Hacker Case, Dies; Sir Paul Stephenson, Commissioner of MPA, Resigns; Assistant Commissioner John Yates of the MPA Resigns His Chair, hey, so wait, MPA is Scotland Yard?

Dow Jones CEO Les Hinto Resigns (Apparently he was chairman of News, Inc during the Hacking Thing)

Andy Coulson, Former Editor of News of the World and former PM spokesman, arrested

Former PM Gordon Brown Victim of News, Inc Hacking, Surprisingly Not News of The World, But The Sunday Times - this was kinda sick altogether. Read down about his son.

Murdoch Withdraws Bid for BSB

I started a Venn diagram of all the players and then realized they hit the CEO--oops, wait, make that former CEO!</i>--of Dow Jones. Yes. At which time I realized I needed a bigger piece of paper and access to four dimensional graphing equipment.

And the FBI is looking into Murdoch and 9/11, I hear? Imagine that. Shocked, yo.

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