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coffee or tea or me?
children of dune - leto 1
Fic is stalled. I'm sure I was going somewhere with this. Eventually, maybe the fic will tell me. A hint, please.

Emma crawls up the mattress, carefully balancing the glass. "One day," Emma says thoughtfully, settling against the headboard, "we're actually going to do something in your bed that's in the spirit of what beds are used for. And I don't mean sleep, either."

"Your choice of location." Charles considers the far wall carefully. "And activity, for that matter."

"That's because Alex will leave us on the floor in the study if we pass out," Emma answers reasonably. "Unless you developed telekinesis recently--"

"Not from lack of trying when one's chair is just that one centimeter out of reach," Charles answers, rolling the glass between his hands. "As for activity--"

"Lying back and thinking of Oxford really wouldn't work in this case, but thanks for the offer, I'm sure I'd enjoy that immensely," Emma answers acidly, taking a drink. Bracing herself, she adds, "I need to talk to someone who believes in peace."

"How serendipitous," Charles answers, forgetting to be sarcastic. "I need someone who knows there will be a war."

"Sometimes," Charles says quietly, "I hate all humans, every one of them. Even the lovely young woman whose only crime is her propensity to forget I do not wish for cream in my coffee when I visit that restaurant. I've been going there for many years, and she recognizes me and sometimes we talk about her boyfriend and her mother's insistence she marry before she's a spinster--I'd never heard anyone use that word in conversation before--but then she forgets how I prefer my coffee and suddenly, I think, I don't need her to remember. I don't need to be subject to anyone's memory or their desires if they conflict with my own. I can make them want to do exactly what I wish." Charles' eyes fix on his glass. "I can make it be the only thing they know how to want. And then I can make them beg to do it."

Emma nods, taking a drink. "Right. I'm teaching a class of children who actually believe they have a future, that its' possible they'll be accepted for what they are. They're reading novels by human authors and studying the stars from books written by human scientists and then they'll grow up and realize when they meet the world that humans will never forgive them for what they are. I know what's out there, and I know what they'll face every day hiding what they are because if anyone knew, they could be killed. I'm teaching them, at least by omission, what I know for a fact is a lie. I can not only tell them; I can show them. And when I leave, I can bring them back to Erik with me."

Charles takes a drink, head turning on the careful stack of pillows. "Your confession lacks that touch of megalomania that would make it frightening."

"I could convince you to come back with me," Emma answers honestly; she knows she can. "Abandon the school and any thoughts of a frankly impossible dream of peace; even you wonder about the ground you're exploring. I could frame it as just a way to talk to Erik; then I tell him how to keep you. All he has to do is let you keep doing exactly what you've been doing. Erik would settle for subjugation; you're doing that to them already."

Charles nods slowly and takes another drink. "Oddly, that doesn't frighten me." After a moment, he looks at her ruefully. "Around the time I have brought the better part of the Pacific to heel, I notice she's brought me tea as well, because she knows perfectly well that I don't care for their coffee. I just--forgot."

Emma laughs hard enough to choke on the brandy.

"I leave a large tip on those days," Charles says thoughtfully, taking another sip of brandy. "Though I do wonder; what is the correct percentage to leave when one was only just contemplating conquering the world for forgetting that one prefers tea?"

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Oh, Charles. Whatever he does, you know he's going to be polite about it.

Apologetic, even.

If he took off on a spree of world conquest, it would go either tragically strange or really really well, being no one, including Charles, would be aware of imminent despotism. Plus, people who rebelled against him would realize they wouldn't be so much ruthlessly destroyed as taken aside for a good talking-to and it's oen thing to die for your cause, but another to feel like a complete heel for interrupting his very important business with the far Pacific.

OMG THAT IS SO TRUE. Do you think he realizes that his automatic setting is paternalistic and patronizing?

And I can't wait to see what you're doing with Emma. She was vastly under-characterized in the movie. :D

Thirty thousand words of Emma so far and it's still in progress. I don't even have a beginning, but there's so much middle, I wonder if I posted would anyone notice?

I think this story has enough momentum that it'll start again, soon. And I always love your writing, so it's not a good idea to ask me, I'd say yes to a WIP in a heartbeat.

The way you write, Charles and Emma at the same school would be terrifying. Forget the Pacific south, the East Coast would have no idea what hit it.

god. i love every bits of this. dear!charles. n emma. their dialog is like acid dripping candy.

They're not even drunk yet, sadly. They just really think they should at least have alcohol around for plausible deniability later.

notdrunk!is the best part and possible denial when ask by erik/raven/otherkids *G* i hope there's moar of this universe or moar x-men first class fanfics in the future :)

"Your confession lacks that touch of megalomania that would make it frightening."

Omg that's an amazing line.

I do so love the Emma/Charles thing. I love how in this snippet I can feel how isolating that would be, to have all that telepathic power. So I love them talking about it, frightening telepath to frightening telepath. :D

I hate stalled fics, blergh. This one seems very powerful though -- I bet it'll start giving hints again soon.<3

It's one of those things that occurred to me would be a problem in Eriks' Brave New Mutant World--you know, a telepath is not like a person who grows flowers with her will. I give it an hour after the defeat of humanity before there's civil war, and that doesn't even include the number fo mutants fighting for humanity he'd still have to deal with.

Especially people like Charles and Emma, who know perfectly well that when they get angry about someone thinking/believing something, they don't actually require a speech to change their mind. Or really, anything more than a thought. And they also know telepathy has a very high price tag attached to it from teh onset.

Yes, totally. All those mutants... and just by virtue of having to be so independent for so long, not many of them would necessarily take kindly to being told what to do. Haha Wolverine is Exhibit A. Actually that's a really cool idea, Erik being forced to realize that not all mutants want the same thing... DUH.

Actually that would be super hard. If that's the case they also could start wondering whether anyone who likes them really does, or if they have in some subtle way made them like them. Very isolating, yes.

This fic's gonna suck you back in, I promise... it's too cool not to!

I'm writing outtakes now just because I can't actually stop. I can't even tell anymore what theyre doing, only that they're doing it a lot.

It's really--IDEK. Something.

I have one like that I'm writing right now. It's, like huge. Wants to be. I'm 10k in and Erik and Charles just finally encountered each other. The fic keeps telling me all these huge implications and things and I'm like, stop. STOP. I'm already estimating... way too long. And I'm not quite sure of a couple of very fundamental things about the story. Though on the other hand, a couple of key things are crystal clear, like, oh yes SIR/Ma'AM, Story!

I don't guess I could convince you to read what I have so far and give me your opinion? It might break block! Or at least remind me there's a story in there if I keep hacking at it.

Honored. You bet. I might normally hesitate because I'm in the throes of wrangling a huge one myself in its genesis stage and your stuff is so powerful it's easy to get influenced, but they're so totally different I'm sure it won't be a problem. Haha or your influence will only be to the good. (But no, they're completely and totally different in, well, everything, from what I can tell).

Yes, send it over! I think you have my email but cathalinss@gmail.com

Also if you want to, like, put your ideas into words and send that or something, do so -- for me I find that super helpful sometimes, just the act of TELLING someone what my main key throughline story(ies) is/are. I also might be able to do gchat later but family stuff prevents it rn. But email anything including stream of consciousness whatever if you want. :D

I may not get to this until late tonight or tomorrow, but since I don't have work tomorrow I should be able to do it by end of business day tomorrow at absolute latest. Haha I always read your stuff right away though, who am I fooling. <3


God I hope it makes sense. *crosses fingers*

I don't know how to help you unstick, but I desperately want to read more of this, and Charles's occasional megalomania. Also, I love Emma as a teacher and always have, so I'm really delighted to see someone going with it.

I do, too. And I love her surprise realizing a.) she's good at it, and b.) she enjoys it a lot. Charles commiserates with her on that; he had the same reaction when he started teaching and its very, very unnerving.

oh charles. i can hear james's delivery perfectly. perfect voice.

I have terribly detailed fantasies about his command of utterly filthy language in that calm, cool professor voice.


I have Emma Frost currently intent on nailing him at the next opportunity. He's kind of too distracted by that to be all that verbal once he's horizontal.

so where is the rest

where, jenn. i need it. *look under u*

They both really like to talk. Like, way more than is healthy. Charles is really thinking no one remembers his reputation at Oxford for being a slut was a dramatic understatement.

just a bit. a scoche. a teensy wee amount.

Oh God, I love this Charles so much. This Charles who is unafraid of his power, but his own rules keeps him from using it to the full extent.

This is utterly, utterly made of win, and I eagerly await the next snatch of this wonder that you choose to bestow upon us.

Oh god, this is the best thing ever.

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