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my occupation sometimes has some disadvantages

Strangely surreal moment with Google+.

Okay, I've said before my job is a program tester. Before each new update of those programs, we spend like four weeks going through and finding all the problems. Today I was at work cheerfully writing up detailed problems with each page of an onlien application in MSWord with screenshots and very little sarcasm to upload to QC--it has a screenshot ability in the program, but occasionally we just write it up in MSWord adn add it as attachment to teh defect.

In my defense, I actually do enjoy that (you want to talk anal, my last three filed defects were unnervingly specific, including "The style being used on this page does not match the rest of the program", at which time I got two developers waiting for me at my cubicle because they're still not used to having a tester who files defects on their abuse of css and font size and centering; thank you fandom, you taught me to be like, scary anal about markup), but there is no excuse for the fact while clicking through google+, I absently opened up MSWord and started writing commentary on things that seemed to be not working correctly or were not covered in the Help menu. I was like, looking for my screenshot program when I realized abruptly that it's not here, this not being a work computer and also, I only test when I am paid for it or if I am asked by a fellow fan to do so.

Also in my defense, I was actually testing an online program all day and also, I haven't slept in a while. So there.

My life, how is this it.

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