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google+ stresses me
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so Google+, question, because I am possibly losing numerology or something.

Under Circles, it says People In Your Circle (X) and People Who Have Added You (Y). These numbers are entirely different from the numbers in my profile: In Jenn's Circle (small number) and Have Jenn in Circles(very small number). Is this a bug or am I missing something here that's so painfully obvious I will be shamed forever?

I think I can prove fangirl geek credentials that I actually accepted the invitation with no clear idea what it was and I'm still wandering around it doing the equivalent of decorating in the dark.

*pokes it carefully* No biting yet. But I am getting wary about this name business coming up in the Stream.

...does that sound like a Farscape thing for a really speical wormhole? The Stream. Huh.

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i don't have google+ yet so maybe i'm missing something, but maybe it works on the friended/friend of model like on lj?

It doesn't...seem to be yet.

...I uh. Have no idea, but if you happen to have an invitation lying around, I could poke at it for you? *innocent grin*

I keeps popping up randomly; leave your email and if I see it come up before I click away I'll send? I warm you, it took about a day for my invite to work.

You da bestest! Thanks, though. My fb has been raving about it.


Can't add you back till the people invited also get Google+ access.

I sent you an invite; did it work or are you on yet? It took a day for google to let me join after my invite.

got the invite. Said they would email me when I could make an account.

Keep the email and randomly click taht button thing once in a while; it took about a day for it to work for my invite.

Part of it is people who you've added who aren't actually in Google+ yet, you just have an email notification relationship with them.

Part of it is that Google+ is super crazy laggy right now in terms of all the back end database information synchronizing. I would bet that by this time tomorrow your numbers will have updated somewhat.

Part of it may be privacy settings. I believe Google is eventually going to force all Profiles to be public, but for now, some private ones may not display the same way everywhere when Google+ is counting up who you're connected to.

FWIW, I have NO IDEA what's going on with Google+, but I'm in there screwing around. Lemme know if you figure it out. :)

Basically, the people you add to your circles can see your posts, but you can't see theirs until they add you to their circles. So everyone who is listed in "Jenn's Circles" are people who can read what you've posted, and everyone in "Have Jenn in Circle" has allowed you to see their posts. I think this is to allow for one sided following like twitter has, rather than making everyone be mutual friends like Facebook.

Truth in both things mentioned above

It is Twitter-esque in that you have to choose to "follow" back, but I also think Google's back end is lagging in updates to this (and other things). I noticed it took a long time for my updated profile pic to show up in other folks' circles.

It does make you feel a bit like a loser when it shows you have tons of folks in your circle and you're only in one other person's circle. But if you check their actual circle, there you are.

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