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google+ stresses me

Okay, so Google+, question, because I am possibly losing numerology or something.

Under Circles, it says People In Your Circle (X) and People Who Have Added You (Y). These numbers are entirely different from the numbers in my profile: In Jenn's Circle (small number) and Have Jenn in Circles(very small number). Is this a bug or am I missing something here that's so painfully obvious I will be shamed forever?

I think I can prove fangirl geek credentials that I actually accepted the invitation with no clear idea what it was and I'm still wandering around it doing the equivalent of decorating in the dark.

*pokes it carefully* No biting yet. But I am getting wary about this name business coming up in the Stream.

...does that sound like a Farscape thing for a really speical wormhole? The Stream. Huh.

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