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kiscon 2011 - Day One

Finished my first panel on Slash Fan Outing, with an unexpected but deeply awesome detour into You and Your Porn, Let Us Talk About It; basically, my life is complete. I think any time I can talk about Training My Diaper Bitch and it be a relevant part of the discourse is when life becomes rather perfect.

Finished the Charles/Erik fic I posted the beginning of earlier this week at four last night. Yeah, no idea what the hell; I'm pretty sure I'm writing in my sleep. I went to bed dreaming of it and woke up thinking of Emma in Winchester, with Charles pushing her to find out who she is, and Emma pushing him to remember who he was, and understand the difference between standing on your own feet and standing apart. It feels less like a single story and more like a set of single scenes strung together like a row of beads, because it's impossible to move forward when you don't realize you're standing still.

Or something. I don't know what's going on with Alex; I get the feeling though, that I'll find out.

In other news, coffee. So. Much. Coffee. I love conventions; there is always, always coffee.

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