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kyoto hotel in downtown LA

Currently in third floor--ish--balcony off the banquet area looking over the city. Skyscrapers always throw me a little; the celebration of nature in its infinite glory is all well and good, but I stand in awe before the creations of men, the infinite stretch of our minds that can imagine and then create, clothe our ideas in steel and glass and set them before the eyes of the world. How can you not sit in awe before that?

Checked in with KisCon just as they were closing up so we were right on the money. There are bags! Canvas bags! I have a canvas bag. I also have a low threshhold of sanity if I don't have the sense to go to bed already, but I'm too used to VVC, where the night before the con starts sleep is for Later, now is for Everything.

It's also different; I don't know almost everyone here. Other than [personal profile] svmadelyn, it's possible I don't know anyone. This is not a criticism except of myself; I rarely go where there's unfamiliarity, and my ability to socialize rises exponentially with the number of people I know. It's the remainder of high school misery which continues to trump good sense; I'm more afraid of rejection in potential than loneliness. I'm far too used to the certainty that I can entertain myself given laptop and wireless to be very good at taking risks.

Star Trek was my first fandom and first fandom love both; X-Men was next (fandom works in cycles; it took eleven years but I'm starting over again from the top). Trek, like X-Men, I don't have to be involved with the fandom to be fannish about it; those things will never end. Star Trek is the infinite space of imagination, the best and sometimes the worst of what we are and can be and could have been; X-Men is the breadth of humanity's potential self, the hope of what we can be if we only learn why we should want to. Both are the definition of hope. Yes, even in the Savage Land. Maybe less so in House of M.

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