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vids: x-men first class

Love the Way You Lie Part 2 (Rihanna) by Brevanna03, X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik - and winner of most gutting chorus ever, lyrical literalism, and I think I might cry if I watch it--more than I have already, which is a lot.

Til the End of the World (Brittany Spears) by [personal profile] talitha78, X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik - and the other winner, fantastic build to the yes, still gutting ending. Just. Hell yes.

Black Star by TheDyingPain, X-Men First Class (also, X-Men the Movie, X-Men the Last Stand), Charles/Erik - shorter and not sweet, but let's face it, the movie didn't give us a lot of sweet. It did, however, give us this, which makes me happy. You know, when there is not wincing.

*curls up in a ball* Yeah. Of course I'd fall for this fandom. I wrote Clex. It's not like I couldn't see this coming. Send help. Or hey, fic.

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