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insta!rec - xmfcfic:recommence by domarzione
children of dune - leto 1
Recommence by [personal profile] domarzione, X-Men First Class, Xavier - I have said what I liked most about this movie was that it pretty much erased my problems with Charles Xavier being--well, annoying, though Patrick Steward makes up for a lot in sheer 'guh'--but I value practicality and complexity, and boo, the movie did it, and the author does it even better. This is a fantastic view of post-movie pragmatism; not at all angsty, but a profoundly practical compromise between doing the right thing and not being stupid or short-sighted.

Also, nice sketches of Alex, Sean and Hank included; brief, but extremely well drawn and kind of where I see them going, what I see them becoming. And there's a very real part of me that's kind of falling for Alex the way I never did with Scott.

In other news, I think I need a new icon now.

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(Psst. It's "Stewart", not "Steward". ;-) Bad geek, no cookie! )

That aside, the complexity of the character and motivations has been pretty much eclipsed, discussion-wise, by endless squeeing over the utterly blatant Tragic Romance between him and Magneto. Which, you know? I'm okay with.

Also, have you seen Fassbender and McAvoy's body-language around each other off set? It's fascinating.

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