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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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I see I need to screen my reading in x-men
children of dune - leto 1
Right. I--knew this? Kind of.

ETA: Whoo, totally missed this, I apologize. This may be triggering for disability issues. No one's complained yet, but they'd certainly have the right to.

Disability as Very Valuable Life Lesson or Punishment For Not Being Nicer to Erik and Raven is seriously making me edgy. Before you ask, kink-meme, though some of the comments I've read in my journals are edging into that territory. Exploration of disability, yeah, but--seriously, if you are arguing Charles got shot in the back by his BFF deflecting bullets that were supposed to stop the BFF from committing mass murder was like 'a valuable Othering lesson'--yeah, let's not? Disability as Punishment and Disability as Important Comeuppance and Disability as Universal Balance for Character Flaw--

Okay, honestly, I am not clinically depressed because in early childhood I was like, too happy in the face of universal suffering or something.

God, I have an awful feeling we are going to get a seventy K story about How Charles Realizes He Totally Deserved Being Shot Because He Was Not Understanding Enough. With like, groveling. God I hate groveling.

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*glum* I admit I laid odds it would happen earlier, but it's not like that is saying much.

Well, you see, at least with depression you already feel like you deserve it and it's all your fault, it's like you're ahead of the curve in disability related guilt tripping!

*bites lip* It's funny because it's true. I hit the first implication of that one and was like "Oh, my life, thanks. Totally needed that confirmation."


*twitch* I wish I didn't believe you. What the actual fuck.

Some are trying to be subtle? By some value of subtle, admittedly.

Oh no, they aren't are they?

I was really hoping we could avoid all that.

Now I'm going to have to be really careful when going on the kink meme.

It wasn't many or anything, but some were--yeah. I kind of back-clicked and ran bravely away.

I'm kind of glad I don't even know where the current Marvel kink meme is located.

There are a couple, and it's not a huge number of stories, just--hit one, back-clicked, went to look for something less enraging.

Thank you so much for your posts about this movie. It's very interesting to read.
It's upsetting to see how many people for some reasons blame Charles for his so called privilegies.

It's been weird on the punishment front. It's like, I'm not really comfortable stating disability or mass murder is his 'fault' and apply punishment, you know?

This is why we can't have nice things, isn't it?

I am slightly less laissez-faire about wandering through the kink-meme whenever the prompt states 'disability', I'll be honest.

I know, right? These are the same sort of people who tell me that I got hit by a fucking freight train when I was 15 and had to relearn how to walk......for a reason. To teach me patience, or some such nonsense. I notice none of THESE people have had to relearn how to walk. Fuckers.

..I know you aren't kidding and I want to smash things. Just. What--how does that seem like a good idea? To even *think*?

*hugs* I'm so sorry. Christ.

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*hands* I am clinging to there aren't many of them. Most people are focusing on explaining how Charles was responsible for near mass murder, not, you know, paralysis is totes punishment.

...that isn't great to know, either.

Oh my god that is so fucking gross. People are terrible.

it was not a great moment, no.

Will you tell me what story this is so I can avoid it?

I think the one I saw most recently was in the second round, since that was where I was looking for updates yesterday, but I can't swear to it. Most, honestly, are the slight fetishization thing, which is--questionable, yeah, but mostly badly worded and not actually malicious.


I was so afraid of this happening (actually I'm sort of afraid to commit to First Class as a fandom period because people tend to be embracing Erik's vision as the one true vision and it's a bit like wtf no) I mean I'm not totally surprised it has but I was really hoping we could avoid it because apparently I have faith that people won't be utter idiots.

However if there is groveling I may need to trufax punch something.

people tend to be embracing Erik's vision as the one true vision

Yeah, I mean, for a dystopian AU, I'm fine with that, but the key word here is "dystopian", not "Really great and true idea!" because--seriously, I just wrote a 'because' like I need to defend anti-genocide feelings.

Short version--have seen this, very twitchy.

I was really hoping we could avoid it because apparently I have faith that people won't be utter idiots.

Yeah. This. So much.

What the actual fuck! I feel like this is echoing that Stargate Universe paraplegic bodyswap/rape fail we've seen before.

And here I am working on an Erik-takes-the-bullet AU and worrying that I'm going to marginalize/fetishize/over-egg/handwave/otherwise fuck up the whole disability issue. I'm all for kink equality, but really, people, this kind of assholeishness is FAIL.

Man, that's fucked up. I didn't realize anyone would even twist things around that way. Ugh. The fact that I'm not even in the fandom and the movie's only been out two weeks and all I've heard is massive fuckery like this is rather alarming...