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I see I need to screen my reading in x-men

Right. I--knew this? Kind of.

ETA: Whoo, totally missed this, I apologize. This may be triggering for disability issues. No one's complained yet, but they'd certainly have the right to.

Disability as Very Valuable Life Lesson or Punishment For Not Being Nicer to Erik and Raven is seriously making me edgy. Before you ask, kink-meme, though some of the comments I've read in my journals are edging into that territory. Exploration of disability, yeah, but--seriously, if you are arguing Charles got shot in the back by his BFF deflecting bullets that were supposed to stop the BFF from committing mass murder was like 'a valuable Othering lesson'--yeah, let's not? Disability as Punishment and Disability as Important Comeuppance and Disability as Universal Balance for Character Flaw--

Okay, honestly, I am not clinically depressed because in early childhood I was like, too happy in the face of universal suffering or something.

God, I have an awful feeling we are going to get a seventy K story about How Charles Realizes He Totally Deserved Being Shot Because He Was Not Understanding Enough. With like, groveling. God I hate groveling.

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