Seperis (seperis) wrote,

birthdays, ljs, styles, and nonsense

First--Happy birthday Pearl-o and Rana! *hugs*

Someone got me a year of LJ. And I am floored. *hugs to whoever did it* That was marvelously sweet. Thank you.

Third, Isilya finished my new LJ style! Whoo-hoo! Now--um--can anyone tell me how to, er, use it? I can read HTML and I can read LJ code a little, but I cannot seem to combine these two. It's like--understanding hobbits.

Or something. Hmm.

Um. I'm behind in EVERYTHING--being in a bad mood makes for re-reading comfort fic by the ton. Latest on the list.

Ozone by Jane St. Clair

Undertow by Elynross (thanks to Diana for reminding me! That was a marvelous re-read)

Twenty-One by Livia. (thank you thorn)

I blew out the inside fuses in my house with excessive Christmas lights. To see earlier adventures with the exterior lights, click here. So. Kinda disturbing. Okay. Also very funny. I laughed myself sick.

See, other people don't get The Funny of this. *shakes head* Silly people.

More later. I'm sulky and gripey and not to be trusted to be nice. Plus? Sonic night. Does NOT agree with me for some reason. Plus? Firefly is canceled and it's just--gah. I'm in LOVE with this show.

I'm thinking Jayne/River, and what's WRONG with me?

*sighs* Let someone pick up this show, please.
Tags: recs: smallville
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