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x-men first class: i say this with love
children of dune - leto 1
It's just, okay, see, Erik. And People Skills. Which he, let's all admit it, lacks.

This is one of those times that Erik's life of desperate revenge needed remedial classes in People: How To Recruit to the Dark Side wisely. Because I want to say, when I think Darth Vader could have given you better tips--think about that one--you are doing it wrong.

Good Times to Recruit: when missiles are bearing down on you, when the inevitability of death by human is, um, inevitable, right before, during, or after a truly spectacular orgasm, while sharing tender, life-altering memories of your mother.

Bad Times to Recruit: when one is cradling the recruitee who you just recently tortured by forcing him to endure being stuck in Shaw's body while you killed him, really slowly and gruesomely, with a coin (I know you were wearing the helmet and everything, but the audience watched and let me tell you, Charles was not really taking that death-by-proxy thing well at all, what with the screaming and sobbing and intense horror and pain), and then deflected a bullet into his back that will leave him paralyzed. (Note: he wasn't even bitching about the death thing once the missile business started. YOU WERE IN. JESUS.)

Erik, I am with you, okay? The movie was all about showing the One Right Way doesnt' necessarily exist, and you had sympathy on your side; God knows, I am there. I am saying, better idea--don't leave the recently-shot failed recruitee alone on the beach to find out he's paralyzed. Take him to a hospital.

It's like you never read a goddamn romance novel in your life. HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF H/C? ARE YOU HIGH?

Just, okay, I get your people skills aren't up there with legend, but I'm going to share a secret; Charles was a pretty sure thing. Future note: when one is recruiting, a.) less rhetoric, more concern for their spinal cord and b.) choose your battlefield.

P.S. Also not helpful? Running off with his sister. Just. Go watch the Star Wars trilogy (when it is released in a few years) for some helpful tips on What To Do When Your Recruitee Is Stubborn (hint: lightning is also not useful. In fact, if Darth Vader or the Emperor does it, just write it down as Do Not Do. This will help. Promise).

This has been a message from the side of the force who thinks Erik and Charles' Zany Adventures Taking Over the World would be the greatest thing ever.

I have a seven page essay on the movie I haven't finished so far. Yeah. I--find it weird.

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YES. I get--I think--that they didn't think he was that badly hurt or he wouldnt' be throwing Raven at Erik, but--stick around for a few minutes? JUST TO MAKE SURE CHARLES ISN'T BEIGN STUPID SACRIFICING (I honestly think he knew something was wrong but didn't want to admit it until they were gone).


*chokes laughing* "HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF H/C? ARE YOU HIGH? Oh, man. That was awesome. I would read a thousand, thousand, thousand Adventures in Taking Over the World and clap like a seal every time. I'm just saying.


Just--I wanted to slap Erik around for picking the worst time in history to be all MUTANT SUPREMACY when you know, Charles had just been tortured and accidentally paralyzed by him? Charles was not feeling mutant supremacy at that moment, you know? He was mostly very 'I am losing sensation in my legs, this is not good times' and man, I can't even blame him for being "GTF away from me, I AM NOT FEELING PHILOSOPHICAL RIGHT NOW KTHX, I AM FEELING A LACK FO FEELING FUCKER". Just, bad time. Very bad time.

I'm too tired for anything else, but this is awesome. I definitely think you should write it better. *nodnod* Also, the Sassy Gay Friend agrees with you: This is Magneto. He's about to get his boyfriend shot in the spine. This could have been prevented if he had a sassy gay friend. Bwahaha I love fandom. Look at your life, look at your choices, Erik!

Look at your life, look at your choices, Erik!

THIS. If he doesnt' face-palm forever when he gets to his New Lair, I am just done with him. I am all about a mutant revolution, but first step LEARN THE ART OF RECRUITING. And some common sense wouldn't hurt either.


I love this post SO MUCH.

I have been sulking about this--in essay form--about how Charles wasn't necessarily opposed that much to mutant superiority (he was already MUTANTS ARE THE BETTER MEN; way to prove him wrong, Erik!) and you ease him into it. Not ultimatums while bleeding out on the beach; not groovy, sunshine.

*wistful* Charles on the side of mutant superiority? The two of them together could have taken over in like, a month. Tops.

LOL so much word. Oh, Erik. Oh, Charles. Neither made the best choices in how to approach it and yet...soooo much love.

LOOK AT YOUR LIFE LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES (I totally thought of that before I saw the above comment ;))


LOLOLOL, so much love for this post. I JUST watched the movie today (I know! So late to the party!) and that was my exact first thought to that scene/the end. Fandom needs an epic fic where Erik convinces Charles to join his side and they take over the world. (Or even where Charles convinces Erik to join his side and Erik is the grumpy, non-diplomatic mutant who puts political fear in the 'normal' people. You know, just an end to the movie where they are not separated and on opposite sides!)

...I will give you my firstborn for that essay.

You know. If I had any intention of ever having children. (I love kids. Babies freak me right the hell out.)

Erik really didn't have much grasp of interpersonals, did he? Although personally I am of the 'Charles was faking so as not to freak anyone out' theory. As soon as Erik was gone, basically, he started in on the 'can't feel my legs can't feel my legs' bit. I think he was trying to spare Erik and Raven.

*dies* You win the internet for this :D

Running to read your 7+ pages essay now!

Take him to a hospital.

Especially when you're about to leave with the teleporting mutant.

I agree! But I also have to faqcepalm at Charles, because when convincing ERIK not to kill all the humans, "they're just following orders" is possibly the single dumbest thing you could say, and you are a telepath who has been hanging out in his head for *weeks*. Why so stupid boys? Whhhyyyyyy?

A surprisingly girly Monday

User fyrdrakken referenced to your post from A surprisingly girly Monday saying: [...] reviewing X-Men: First Class: x-men first class: i say this with love [...]

This has been a message from the side of the force who thinks Erik and Charles' Zany Adventures Taking Over the World would be the greatest thing ever.

Not that I have a lot of money, because who does in this economy, but I would bankroll this. Clark and Lex may tear the world to pieces in their love-hate tete-a-tete, but they did it deliberately - these two may not even realize what's happening until all that's left is the two of them, and a handful of dust.

I really really want that fic. It would be so easy for them to win, if they just worked together.

__marcelo said after we watched: "So basically man-kind is doomed because neither Erik nor Hank had any skill what-so-ever when it came to picking someone up?"
Truer words were never spoken.

...that is genius. Srsly. AND SO TRUE.

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I like the hopping! HOPPING IS ENCOURAGED.