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vid recs aplenty
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so I have said that a.) my tastes are hopelessly mainstream and b.) I have a song fixation, which is why I just watched something for a fandom I don't recognize that involved Like a Prayer, because come on, vidding Madonna? Gotta encourage.

Then there's the time I get my Definitive Vid for a Song. Which means I have watched it five billion times and oh, my heart.

You Found Me by N0ReturnPr0ductions, BTVS, full cast - oh, my heart, like it is bleeding somewhere, on the floor, with wailing and dirges and whatnot. It's also one of the few vids I've seen that does something magical in nailing both the lyrical meaning, the beat, and the intent behind a song in one fell, highly interesting swoop.

(This is not a requirement of a vid being fantastic; it's just something I don't see often.)

I'm recommending without any hesitation, but a.) if you loathe filter and color mixing, there's a lot of it. 2.) It's fairly fast clipping and it does not slow down. I don't care on both; I am all about people being as super artistic as their hearts desire. It is to my benefit; I get to watch more vids, and God knows, this is all about me.

This is thematic but more emotionally chronological than time; I don't think it will have the same effect if you didn't watch all of Buffy and have at least a working knowledge of Angel canon. The interesting parts were what she chose to group together that made sense both emotionally and lyrically, especially the things that couldn't be fixed, only endured. Special mention, and I don't even know why this hurt me, to Xander's shatteredness; he was never one of my favorites, but man, the broken body language was painful. The mirroring of Buffy, Willow, Faith, the isolation of fighting alone, both others and yourself, the times especially when no one can help you and even if they could, you couldn't accept it, are fantastically combined, on a slow but striking case of upward mobility of mood, with the times where there was someone to catch you when you stumbled and was there before you could fall. This is not an Angel vid, it's a Buffy vid; sometimes, you do get to walk away and smile.

That's really what made this work. Otherwise, it's pretty much gutting.

Blurry by rdeffleymoviesnew, BTVS, Buffy/Angel - this one really, really works because I loved the song's video and watching for intent, it hits some of the more brutal parts of Buffy and Angels' relationship both as Angellus and Angel. And I like the lack of romanticization; a lot of what I liked about them I also liked about Buffy/Spike and what probably turned me off Riley; even if it's love, it doesn't fix anything and it's still rips you apart.

Say When by shoopdancer2504, BtVS, Buffy/Spike - I'm not sure this is the right vid for this song, but it was one of the most interesting in mirroring--and acccurately mirroring--their lives. I could have lived without the voiceovers, but otherwise, yes.

Crawl by doode25, Supernatural, Dean/Castiel - I didn't love this until my third watch; the few instances of clip repetition kept throwing me since I couldn't figure out what the vidder was doing. And there are some fantastic moments with the handprint flickering through that drew it together. The lyrics are crueler than the soft melody of the song and set against the brutality of the scenes, it's hard to look away.

Nowhere to Stop by lolawaldorf, Supernatural, Castiel - this was recommended to me when I asked for Dean/Castiel recs and the song combined with the progression of the vid makes me uneasy as hell and I can't even work out why

Running Up That Hill by rdeffleymoviesnew, BtVS, Spike/Buffy - the thing is, I do not think you can go wrong setting Spike and Buffy to Placebo. Faintly depressed melancholia combined with violence--that's the show!

Without You I'm Nothing by KiaGala, BtVS, Spike/Buffy - Placebo from Buffy POV is not to be missed; I would have said this is how Spike would conceptualize himself in relation to Buffy, but not in how Buffy saw herself in relation to the world with Spike as a symptom of something wrong with her. Especially in lines that seem to be focused on her interpretation of Spike's pov. It's surprisingly subtle for Buffy's misery; this is a very, very good visual argument of Buffy's state of mind for all of season six.

Now back to the hunt for X-Men First Class vids. I need to wallow.

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Now back to the hunt for X-Men First Class vids. I need to wallow.


I hope it isn't too embarrassing to tell you that ever since I saw the movie one of the top things on my wishlist is a Seperis fic like Crimes Against Humanity. Omg. Like, this desire BURNSSSS. <333

I saw a link to a vid or two on a tumblr? Haven't checked it yet. Do you have links to the various comms, tumblrs etc? My Delicious is pretty well stocked with that stuff and I also just posted referencing some comms.


p.s. I found the one I saw mentioned on the tumblr! I just watched it and it's pretty wallowy <3

Crap, I can't get it to embed. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tcdvAucZss

It's the only vid I've seen linked to so far, but they'll be starting up soon if not already -- things are heating up day by day

andddd that led me to this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUEDqCytyLs&feature=related


stopping now. really. :D

Edited at 2011-06-11 04:19 am (UTC)

OOh man, that lsat one could have been so good; I have no idea what she did with that music.

Oh Erik, Charles. My heart.

Yeah, it's all soooo new everything's kind of elemental and almost cute? Like, there aren't even good screencaps yet let alone all the other bells and whistles you get used to after a fandom's established for a while. Right now it's pretty much raw passion, which is awesome in itself. I'm actually amazed there are even vids at *all* yet!


Ohhh, thank you -- I hadn't seen the first one!

Omg I'm obsessed. I haven't felt this way in a long time. I can't get them out of my headdddd.

I'm trying to see if anyone will go see it again with me this weekend haha to give me ~legitimacy in my family.

Clearly you need to make a vid. *nods*

Loved Without You I'm Nothing. Thanks for the recs!

That one I always see something new and uneasy in it with Buffy's state of mind. So obv, a fav.

the vid makes me uneasy as hell and I can't even work out why

For me, it's because the vid does such a great job of *othering* Castiel: it depicts him as in a constant battle to exist in a world (Dean's world) that doesn't necessarily have a place for him, where even mere scraps of acceptance/survival are contingent upon his ability to constantly compromise himself and his nature.

For whatever reason, that works for me a hell of a lot as an interpretation of the whole Dean/Castiel Thing. *g*

Thanks for linking those Buffy vids! 'You Found Me'--not a fan of the song, but the message of the vid, yes, *that*. Aw, Scoobies. ♥

Oooh, did you enjoy First Class? I love it so much. You should write! :: nods ::

::Goes off to check out the videos::

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