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The Toybox

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x-men first class
To reward myself for not sinking into despondency when, of course, I did not get interviewed for either of the jobs I applied for, Child and I saw X-Men First Class at teh midnight showing.

...yeah, fuck the job, holy shit. That was amazing.

Going to bed now for another glorious day of testing. So worth it.

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I'm sorry about the jobs :(



I'm so there. (Thank you.)

Yay! I purchased tickets for an afternoon showing just a few minutes before I saw this. Awesome!

Can my 9-year-old who has watched the DVDs of the first two X-Men movies watch it? She hasn't seen anything that intense on the big screen, but she knows and loves the characters...

I know what I'm doing this weekend!

I am sorry about the jobs! But sooooo excited to hear First Class is good. I was nervous! Now I cannot wait!

I fail at X-Men fandom, because I completely forgot it was coming this weekend just past, or I probably would have taken Friday off and either done the midnight showing or just gone Friday afternoon after sleeping gloriously late. But I went Saturday afternoon instead, and it was indeed worth it.

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