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amazon alert - born this way, lady gaga

Lady Gaga's album Born This Way plus digital booklet currently 99 cents on Amazon for today.

Warning--I tried doing the cloud thing and so did not work. Do a regular download. Worry about the future of computing later. Though God, that looks cool if it, y'know, works and everything.

ETA: I don't know if this applies to anywhere but Amazon US.

Extremely belated, sorry!

At Amazon UK, £3.99 for the album

From what I can tell,,, and do not have this sale, but France has some two disk special edition that is making me want to shop Amazon US again because, ohhh, I love things named "Deluxe".

Um, stupid question, please forgive me--um, does have MP3s, right? As I cannot seem to, um, find them?

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