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amazon alert - born this way, lady gaga
children of dune - leto 1
Lady Gaga's album Born This Way plus digital booklet currently 99 cents on Amazon for today.

Warning--I tried doing the cloud thing and so did not work. Do a regular download. Worry about the future of computing later. Though God, that looks cool if it, y'know, works and everything.

ETA: I don't know if this applies to anywhere but Amazon US.

Extremely belated, sorry!

At Amazon UK, £3.99 for the album

From what I can tell, Amazon.de, amazon.ca, and amazon.fr do not have this sale, but France has some two disk special edition that is making me want to shop Amazon US again because, ohhh, I love things named "Deluxe".

Um, stupid question, please forgive me--um, amazon.ca does have MP3s, right? As I cannot seem to, um, find them?

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Because about a billion people are buying the download it's been delayed in downloading. So if you want it now, yeah, you have to order it the regular way. Otherwise, it will download, but it may take a loooonnggg time.

I'm so happy they're offering this deal. Definitely makes me happy I can buy a legal copy of the album I've already listened to about 10 times ;)

But yeah, the download is taking FOREVER >|

I am guessing it is US only - my friend goes to university in England and she says it's unavailable for her, even though she's logged in with her Amazon US account. No word on whether or not proxy servers work, though.

Tell her to try using the new Cloud thing. Also, UK has it for 3.99 pounds?

Thanks for the heads up! For 99 cents, I'd say there's a fair chance I'll like at least one of the songs.

Thanks for the head's up. I just bought it. :)

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