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Okay, so I'm done with the entire fucking constant misery thing for a bit. I've watched my comfort TV (Due South, of course; I could watch Fraser forever), I've watched my comfort vids, I've replaced my Kindle (again), I visited my best friend in Chicago and her and norabombay drove me to Gary, Indiana so I could see the city that Fraser was vanished to by witchcraft in during Ces's About a Dog (yes, and also, rumors of green water).

I have a goal list.

1.) Answer LJ comments again.
2.) Answer feedback again. Christ.
3.) Write something.
4.) Program something.
5.) Write more.
6.) Post what I wrote last year. Christ. I haven't posted fic since last year. That's gotta change.
7.) Apply for several jobs and see what happens.
8.) Try for an apartment in the Domain. I mean, its stupdi out of my range, but if I get one of those jobs, I will give up food. (I will still feed Child. Or send him to my parents for food.) And I will have a party. I will have a party and it will possibly be in a place with no furniture, but there will be chips. CHIPS.

Right now, however, I need vid recs. Due South, Ray/Fraser, or Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, and yes, I do see the resemblance and it worries me, but not really, 'cause cool.

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