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koi is a beacon, a lighthouse if you will...

And there's this entire poem that goes along with this lighthouse/Alexandrian/beacon/candle theme, but I slept through the entire poetry section of lit class. I deal with this in my own strange ways.

But. Read koimistress's thoughts on the friending thing and etiquette and--we have etiquette? I mean, besides the Unwritten Rules that really should be written, like Thou Shall Not Post Friendslocked Posts in Public and--okay, that's the only one I can think of, but I'm sure there are others.

And did I spell etiquette right? It looks wrong with a double t at the beginning.

Actually, I had an icky flashback to when we had that meme about "why did you friend me" which totally freaked me out on several levels, since I realized *I have no idea*, besides saying, hey, something you said was super cool or we share a fandom and you're actually one of those rare animals, a GOOD writer, or man, your meta rocks. I mean, those are currently my Three Reasons. I mean, personal friendships aside, that's the obvious one, but so far, all of my friends also happen to fall into those categories too. Clever devils.

But. I'm going to save myself some serious stress now for when the next time this meme comes around and list off why I friended say--the last ten people I friended. If I can remember. In no order, I'm going by memory here.


Okay, starting now.

kathb -- okay, see, I didn't know you weren't on my friendslist until I was zooming through and noted, huh. But you WERE and then somehow, you vanished, and I have no real idea how that happened unless it was during this short purge I did of dead LJs, but that was really, really weird. And oddly, several people vanished at some point between late July and now, and I still don't know if I was on crack or if I had reasons, and if I *did* have reasons, I have no *idea* what they were. But it's weird. Very, very weird.

sparkledark -- because jaymalea goes, you HAVE to read this! It's QaF! And it doesn't suck! Which is like catnip, kay? And I was *so* happy, because that entire not sucking thing was a total understatement, and then there was Maps and Legends, and then you also meta funly and yay! Happy. Very, very happy. Think dancing, but try not to imagine me doing it, because I suck at it. There we go.

sisabet -- It was the vids, but because I'm compulsive about reading ten entries back on any LJ I friend, I got all fascinated with your LJ, and then came Brian being like Jesus, which was right, after I friended you, but still, I have to mention that because it just rocks the world so very much.

valerie_z -- I think the sheer brilliance of Wild Fantasies just sucked me in, but I'm not sure if I friended you RIGHT before that based on what I was skimming in your LJ while perusing other people's friendslist in a desperate bid to end boredom or right after. But I really, really enjoy reading your LJ in general. I'm all about the fic, but I'm really also all about the 'ooh, smart person, must read', which is really so much fun. Shiny, even.

josselin -- First, you made it *so* easy by commenting in my LJ, so I could just RUSH over and get all excited. It was the ficness that sucked me in. Okay, I admit it, I was all, wow, on the desert flats of LJ, QaF fic! Yay! As I was tired of going through archives and desperately missed an active fandom presence in my LJ on my fandom of choice. But yeah. Also, you comment frequently and I find you very, very funny. Very endearing.

soundczech -- Ficness! Happiness! Again, flat deserts, jenn looking for QaF watery-stuff, and boom, there you were. Luckily, not a mirage, and also, good and funny. And you comment, which is of the good.

velena -- this would be because I backtracked to find out who wrote that lovely story Regression, and then your LJ seemed active and fun to watch, so I wanted to follow along and see what was going on there.

shayllla -- again, ficness, because I am pretty much a whore for the pretty. But what *really* did the thing, besides that, was that we share TWO fandoms, which is oh so damn cool. And it's SV, which is who I am cheating on so spectacularly right now. I should feel guilty, but I don't. Heh.

mintwitch -- because sisabet I think was the one who was talking about the wonderfulness and I'm very, very suggestible, and also, because she was right. I'm still reading back through entries.

blaurosen -- because you cowrote Maps and Legends, and because your LJ is cool to play in and I'm still making time to backtrack through your entries to see what's up there.

You know, just for a thought, reading over this, I sound a lot like a stalker. But keep in mind, I'm a *harmless* stalker. I do it for the entertainment value. And the fic. And the pretty. And--yeah. Hmm.

I'm going to stop now before a mass defriending starts.
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