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unexpected bondage is unexpected

So this is rather awkward.

Did someone at some point prior to February 2010 send me a vid, possibly to beta?, that was bondage related anime? Because--I mean, I don't even recognize these people, but weirdly enough, that didnt' make the plotline--did I mention sudden!bondage?--unfamiliar. Then someone's legs get cut off, IDK, I mean, yes, I randomly collect vids, but I am almost sure I would remember randomly collecting anime soft-porn bondage set to Alanis Morisette's Uninvited.

...I was sorting my vids by fandom and then Anime!Bondage!Vid!to!Uninvited! I guess this goes in the Anime folder. *blank*

There's also a scene of what seems to be a whole bunch of twinky-looking people in leather straps who may or may not be engaged in some sort of slap-fight while tripping each other? The two--main?--characters seem to be a blonde with a lot of hair and a brunet who looks really like he's not sure how he got there either but isn't entirely objecting during the sexing. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do not object to anime bondage soft-core porn, but I also want to assure myself I'm not like, breeding it somehow.

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