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request: heavy weight tracing paper
children of dune - leto 1
As the universe (except for Avery) has yet to give me transparent post-it notes or sticky notes back, recommendations for heavy weight tracing paper needed so I can refresh my supply. As transparent as possible, preferably fond of glue sticks so won't wrinkle when adhering to paper surface, not easily tearable, takes ink, pencil, and if the world is kind, marker, but I'll settle for ink.

My current ones worked wonderfully up until the gluing part; maybe I should look for adhesive while I'm about this. Hmm.

*hopeful* Anyone?

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I dunno, sweets, but hi hi!

Have you tried using rubber cement?

I second this! Rubber cement is brilliant at non-wrinkly paper gluing.

Have you tried drafting vellum instead of tracing paper?

Keep using the paper you have, but stick it with double sided tape instead of glue, as that wont wrinkle or distort the paper :)
If you are unaware - double sided tape comes on a roll you apply much like masking tape (ie not on a dispenser, though you can get it to fit a tape gun - thats probably overkill unless you need to stick things a lot?) Anyhow, you roll it on then peel the backing off and it leaves a clear adhesive behind. We use "x-press it" brand at work all the time, good stuff, but there are probably heaps of other brands to choose from :)

Glue-wise, have you tried actual post-it glue? I think it's really called 3M Scotch Reusable Glue, it look like a normal glue stick but 'you can use it to turn things into post-it notes! look!'. My mum got very excited about it, but I don't have any here so can't check how it treats paper.

The commenter above is talking about 3M repositional glue sticks. It's this stuff.

If you don't want to DIY, btw, SpiderTac also makes transparent sticky notes.

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