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the meaning of pie
children of dune - leto 1
For the record;

McDonalds, I forgive you everything, up to and including stale coffee one day that made me very sick, for bringing back fried baked cherry pies (I miss fried things).

I have a terrible feeling this will end badly at 2 for 1.00, is what I am saying. Though honestly, there are much worse reasons to have a heart attack.

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OMG! Are you serial?!!

Those pies are pretty much the only reason to go to McDonald's (other than being the only thing open, of course).

Wait, they're not fried? How is that possible? Like, were they baked in a vat of hot oil or what? Also, now I totally want one.

Yay for the return of McDonald's cherry pie! I've been craving cherry pie for days now, but had no chance to get anywhere to buy some. But, luckily we have a McDonald's in the student union on campus, so have now fed the craving. Yum!

They put out their pumpkin pies a couple of times a year, too. The nomminess of these is unparalleled.

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