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the history of backups

So the tragedy of the constant system crashes ending in a system restore crash ended this morning in an anticlimactic dawn login, where it seems Sherlock is acting like he didn't take ten fucking years off my life last night and is working just fine which makes no sense because I had two--TWO--restore failures and a system death and a backup fail and yet, here we are.

And yet, I consider it totally worth it, because my emergency backup was like this:

While staving off a massive panic attack via Mulan and [personal profile] svmadelyn making soothing noises about Toews, my long-lost external hard drive magically appeared in a box I don't think I've seen since the late nineties that is now conveniently situated at the foot of my bed--

--go with it, okay?--

--and a working e-sata cable appeared out of nowhere which is pretty much against the laws of God and electornics, and of course I thought, well, i don't have an adapter seeing this box was from like, teh stone age of my life and they didn't have esata, even if they did have a hard drive made in 2009--but consulting my Great Box of Random Ass Adapters magically, an adapter appears and fits, and I can't figure out where it's from, because everything on it is written in Chinese--

--go with it--

--and I plug it in and it works.

Then there is crashing and rage and work this morning, so I come home to face what I think will be great and terrible horror, but no, Sherlock boots just fine, the external comes on normally, I open it up and surprise, surprise, there's a backup in there from 2008. One of the folders is vids. In that folder is...

(I love my life.)

So Much Better, X-Men, Pyro/Iceman, the one that vanished from youtube. So is Gone, a Logan/Scott one that vanished from youtube in, oh, 2008, a multifandom Cold Case, CSI:NY vid that vanished off youtube like, a few weeks after it was posted, all my Star Trek ebooks that I couldn't find and thought lost forever, all my music as of 2008, and then in another folder another backup of all teh vids I had downloaded circa 2009 and my music up to 2009, my primary and secondary Ubuntu server backup with all logs from late 2010, then another folder with another backup of my tiny passport drive with--a backup of all of that again, plus two backups of my moms' computer plus another one of all my vids and music and fic up to September 2010.

...can you like, backup your computer in your sleep and just not remember? I can't possibly, possibly be this anal. And sideline, this is a 500 GB hard drive and it says it's still half-empty and I'm pretty sure the physics of memory storage has created a singularity to pull that off, because my music alone is like, thirty gigs and I have an entire folder of DVD rips in here.

I feel the spirit of Mulan is behind this. Just saying.

...yes, I'm backing up now, why do you ask?

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