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The Toybox

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in which I hit youtube like the fist of god, yo
children of dune - leto 1
From the depths of youtube (circa 2006-2008):

The Greatest Movies Never Made (Why, God, Why):

The Greatest Love Story Involving Million Dollar Fighter Planes: Top Gun Recut: The Romance of Maverick and Iceman by chuck13171 -- the original.

The Greatest Love Story Involving Things With Lots of Extra Teeth Involved: Must Love Jaws: The Men Who Discovered Zoophilic Polyamory With a Great White Shark by vayabobo -- it makes you believe in love.

The Greatest Love Story Involving Boats in the Far Past: Titanic II: Jack Is Back by sonydreamcast- I would watch the fuck out of this movie.

The Sequel To the Greatest Love Story Involving Boats in the Far Past: Titanic III: Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots At Matt Damon And It's Hot by xnightshadex-- yeah. He does. It's hot.

And of course, the One True Star Trek XI: Star Trek XI: The Wrath of Kirk by bethrael- I would fangirl this so hard.

The Greatest Horror Movies Never Made (Wow, So I Didn't Notice This in the Original)

Scary Mary: The Mary Poppins Horror by moviemker - okay, it's not like you didn't suspect.

The Sound of Music: The Horror Cut by chuck13171 - seriously, wtf was that? I want this movie.

The Lion King Recut: Simba Gone Bad, So Bad by LeonSakau - this is a viable AU, is what I'm saying.

And returning to the present:


Period Drama: Breathe Again by KatSw3 - she also made two other favorites of mine, but I have a weakness for period like whoa. Tell me you're shocked.

I Shall Be Free by charmax76, Shawshank Redemption - gorgeous vid for a fantastic movie.

Strange Infatuation by silverautumn - Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, because honest to God, there can't be enough faintly creepy videos about them.

Creepin' Up On You by wafflesnbrains - Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, like I said, never can be too many.

* Must Love Jaws link fixed!

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This is an awesome post, for Kirk and Simba as bad guys alone. And then you add the rest in... :D

Had never seen a few of these. Thank you for linking to them.

That first vid makes me want to reread one of my favorite fics - Kings of the Air by FabulaRasa.

Hey, thanks for an awesome list. I started my day with tears of laughter in my eyes thanks to you :) Just wanted to mention that the Must Love Sharks link goes back to Top Gun re-cut instead of the trailer you intended.

Fixed! I love that vid.

This post is amazing like an amazing thing! Thank you very much for the links!

(Psst, if you like Supernatural, this movie trailer for "Castiel" [which would be a contender for Greatest Movie Never Made, imho] might be right up your alley!)

Third time's the charm, dammit.

Thanks for the links! You made my afternoon!

(I should just give up any communication that requires words for today.)


Damn, I'd seen the Sound of Music one before but I'd forgotten how amazingly creepy it is!

And the Shawshank Redemption vid made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Cheers for posting these - most enjoyable.

that kid beyond song is ridiculously perfect for the shawshank video. and titanic 3, and the period drama video... so many greats on here.

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