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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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kneel before your curiously political monologuing sort of sandworm god
children of dune - leto 1
...Frank Herbert is never going to get a good adaptation of Dune, is he?

Yes, Dune 2014, once Dune 2010 and Dune 2012, in which the part of Paul Atreides, the Kwizatch Haderach, Muad'-fucking-Dib, he who can fuck your shit up because he really does know exactly how you will die (in detail), Emperor of the Known Universe and whose knife fight with Sting--er, I mean, Feyd-Rautha--that I watched during the fragile cusp of puberty and--well, yeah. Did you ever see that fight? Step off, that was awesome--will sparkle.

Yes. The father of the Giant Sandworm of So Not Subtle Political Philosophy--or God Emperor of Dune, whatever--is Robert Pattinson and I don't think I will survive knowing that.

And okay, call me crazy, I really want an adaptation of God Emperor of Dune--and if God loves me, Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse; Dune just to see what they do with the entire Emperor Sort-of-a-Semi-Libertarian-(if-we-are-really-flexible-on-the-definition-thereof)-Sandworm (Leto, wtf) because come on. I can't see how it could possibly be good. I don't care. I want my goddamn Sandworm God movie with the random bouts of political monologuing, the great ennui of being a all-seeing, all-knowing sort-of-sandworm, the really uncomfortable realization that Duncan's clones are fucking his other clones' kids and again, wtf Leto, before we get to Chapterhouse: Dune and get really confused about 'imprinting' and--oh.

It just hit me that Duncan, in all his lives, always gets fucked over whenever he's dumb enough to nail an Atreides.

...so I guess I know what my first purchases are for Kindle next month.


District 9 Vid to Inama Nushif - I haven't actualy seen the movie, but I really enjoyed this one.

Strange Infatuation by silverautumn, Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar. Beyond gorgeous, with near-perfect timing and oh. I almost forgot how very much I ship them.


I am saying, the father of the Giant Sort of Sandworm God shouldn't sparkle. I do not think my sanity will survive it.


Maybe Not Happening? - I should not be this relieved something I love isnt' being remade, but--Pattinson. No.

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*images of Sting in a blue Speedo flash before me*

My day is now already complete. Thanks for that. *nods*

It kind of makes everything worthwhile.

Zen Koan For The Day: Is the remembrance of Sting-in-the-blue-leather-Speedo enough Good to balance out the fear of what Sparkly-Mua'dib might be? (and yes, I know. Fear is the mind-killer.)

...I think it very well might.

This is a post full of lies. It has to be. Your source must be insane because Pattison as Paul IS BULLSHITTERY TO THE EXTREME.

Also, the original Dune movie w/Kyle Mclachlan was awesome, IDGAF what anyone else says (mainly because the woman who played Lady Jessica gave me major ladyboner, and I had filthy dreams of Muad Dib using the voice to rip the clothes off my body and do nasty things to my body. What? I WAS 11 and hormonal!)

Oh, I wanted to be in a Paul-and-Chani sandwich, no lie, preferably while they were well-armed. With Feyd. Please.

Lies. you just wanted to go around putting "Heart Plugs" in people, so you could walk around and go "Bored Now!" and have them exsanguinate on the 1980's linoleum.

My "sister" Jim and I always called Muad'Dib the "Cuisinart Hatchback" It gives a lovely mental image.

The father of the Giant Sandworm of So Not Subtle Political Philosophy--or God Emperor of Dune, whatever--is Robert Pattinson


I am just going to be over here CRYING about this. There is not enough NO and DO NOT WANT in the UNIVERSE. Oh gods, tweens are going to go see it and think that's what the book is about--sparkly broody awesomeness and then they're going to cry when it's not about sparkles and then I'm going to have to start braining teens in the bookstore. Why?!?!?!?!?!? The Dune series is my favorite sci-fi series of books. I've been reading and re-reading since I was 14. I had the chickenpox and read all six of the original books in a week. I fell in love with Duncan Idaho (many times).

I'm just going to go home and cuddle my Children of Dune DVD with Ian McNeice's signature.

And the horror--if they get sparkleRob for Paul, you know that means that they're eventually going to get Beiber for Leto, right? I think I'm going to go find a cave to live in for the next couple of years......

Yay! Inama Nushif!!!! From Children of Dune!!! *scampers off to mourn and listen to that score**

Yay! Inama Nushif!!!! From Children of Dune!!! *scampers off to mourn and listen to that score**

I love that song. More vids should be set to it.

(I also love that montage. Like, just ridiculously.)

"More vids should be set to it."

And how. My father calls that the Godfather scene with all the cleaning of the House. I fell in love with Brian Tyler over that score--the man learned a made up literary language to write a song in it. Now THAT'S geekdom. I just took my macros off my flashdrive this morning, which pisses me off because I have a great "Leto II demands an explanation for this FUCKERY" one I could have used. :(

King Sparkle? No fucking way.

*nods sadly* Sparkle'Dib.

Ooh! Told johnnym77 about this and he provided me with this link that says it's a no-go. We can hope, right?


In honor of this, I shall watch Leto II Of No Shirtness tonight.

As a red-blooded gay male, he says he appreciates your choice. *g*

How often do you need to remake that movie? I mean there are two good versions out there already...and another one? Seriously? *is baffled*

We need God Emperor of Dune. GIANT SORT OF SANDWORM ON A THRONE! It would be a concept movie, but I mean, set James McAvoy on a throne wearing some strategic sandtrout and I am there.

Well, I stop reading the books after the second one (or was it the third?) I lost interest, it got too far fetched? It didn't hold any elements from what made me like the first one...but I can't argue with James McAvoy, that guy is hunky! I could be presuaded to watch anything he is in it!

Oh man, the fifth and sixth books--just--they are cracky fun. God Emperor is kind of meh, but the last two? CRACK. Porny crack, even. Porny sexual imprinting crack.

LOL, I think the bug thing...or worm thing put me off. I can't remember. It's been a long time... :)

I had no idea they were doing a new Dune adaptation, that makes me happy until I got to this part:

Robert Pattinson ???



MAYBE NOT! See last link in ETA. *hopeful*

Thanks for the Mohinder/Sylar vid rec! It was indeed lovely. *g*

A Chapterhouse movie would be all kinds of hotness.

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