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kneel before your curiously political monologuing sort of sandworm god

...Frank Herbert is never going to get a good adaptation of Dune, is he?

Yes, Dune 2014, once Dune 2010 and Dune 2012, in which the part of Paul Atreides, the Kwizatch Haderach, Muad'-fucking-Dib, he who can fuck your shit up because he really does know exactly how you will die (in detail), Emperor of the Known Universe and whose knife fight with Sting--er, I mean, Feyd-Rautha--that I watched during the fragile cusp of puberty and--well, yeah. Did you ever see that fight? Step off, that was awesome--will sparkle.

Yes. The father of the Giant Sandworm of So Not Subtle Political Philosophy--or God Emperor of Dune, whatever--is Robert Pattinson and I don't think I will survive knowing that.

And okay, call me crazy, I really want an adaptation of God Emperor of Dune--and if God loves me, Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse; Dune just to see what they do with the entire Emperor Sort-of-a-Semi-Libertarian-(if-we-are-really-flexible-on-the-definition-thereof)-Sandworm (Leto, wtf) because come on. I can't see how it could possibly be good. I don't care. I want my goddamn Sandworm God movie with the random bouts of political monologuing, the great ennui of being a all-seeing, all-knowing sort-of-sandworm, the really uncomfortable realization that Duncan's clones are fucking his other clones' kids and again, wtf Leto, before we get to Chapterhouse: Dune and get really confused about 'imprinting' and--oh.

It just hit me that Duncan, in all his lives, always gets fucked over whenever he's dumb enough to nail an Atreides. I guess I know what my first purchases are for Kindle next month.


District 9 Vid to Inama Nushif - I haven't actualy seen the movie, but I really enjoyed this one.

Strange Infatuation by silverautumn, Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar. Beyond gorgeous, with near-perfect timing and oh. I almost forgot how very much I ship them.


I am saying, the father of the Giant Sort of Sandworm God shouldn't sparkle. I do not think my sanity will survive it.


Maybe Not Happening? - I should not be this relieved something I love isnt' being remade, but--Pattinson. No.

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