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signal boost: etsy: your glass dildo history is no longer private
children of dune - leto 1
Your Glass Dildo Buying History on Etsy Is Right Below Your Resume in Google - seriously. No, seriously. Etsy's done a Facebook and my God. I am so glad I do not a.) have an account there (I think?) and b.) did not buy any glass dildos if I had.

The de-privatization is apparently opt-out, so if you have an account, please to be going to check it. Real names are apparently visible, as is feedback history. Please read the article if you have an account and are concerned with privacy on etsy.

We need a Web Privacy newsletter for this kind of thing. Who's willing to start one? I'm getting nervous, no lie. I don't think I've used my real name in many accounts, but honestly, now I'm not sure.

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We need a Web Privacy newsletter for this kind of thing.


Reminds me of Amazon suddenly making all wishlists searchable over Google a while back. I used my real name on that. Not anymore.

Thanks for this! Went and changed it at once.

UGH. apparently they are doing some re-thinking due to the Ars article, but still. What is this insistence that everyone wants and needs to see everything about everybody from everywhere just because this is the internet? When I shop in meatspace I don't especially want my name posted up in shop windows, how can they think this is any different?


They just fixed it. All purchases are now private!

Etsy has responded to the concerns here: http://www.etsy.com/storque/handmade-life/rethinking-feedback-12472/

Found it when I went to check my privacy settings and saw my purchase history was now private.

This is why I use a new, separate gmail address for most of my online membership type things (you can auto set them to forward to a main address) so I can keep my main address relatively clean.

I like to use '+whoever' (where 'whoever' is a company name) after the bit before the @ symbol to keep track of who passes my email address on without my permission. I use this with pretty much every company I sign up to now.

I like knowing who to blame when I start getting more spam than usual.


The thing is, this has been around for years in the sendmail implementation - the plus and everything after it is just ignored until the '@' is reached - but very few people seem to know about it or use it.

I only found out about it last year when a friend clued me in whilst I was ordering take-out online.

A lot of web forms used to reject it, saying that the + is not valid in an email address, though. So you can't always use it, useful as it is! It was in pretty widespread use back in the day -- most of my friends in the mid-1990s used it -- but fell out of use with a lot of folks because of bad web form verification.

Your experience makes me wonder if the verification has gotten less stupid since last I tried it!

This is unfortunately true. I think I've only ever come across one form that didn't allow me to use it though.

I guess it depends where you're signing up as to how much mileage you can get out of it.

So if you sign up, I would just put in sampleemail+etsy @ mail whatever and that would show up as who they're sending the email to? (As an example, of course, but with whatever site it was.)

Sorry, I just find this idea handy and I want to make sure I'm understanding it right :D

Edited at 2011-03-16 02:34 am (UTC)

Easiest way to explain:

I sign up at ESPN for a newsletter. I put random+espn@whatever.com as my email address.

A while later, I get lots of spam and unsolicited emails. I check the header of the email and find that these emails were sent to random+espn@whatever.com

Because mailservers ignore the +whatever, I get all the mail as if the person had typed random@whatever.com. But it basically allows me a tag, so I know that all this unsolicited crap was as a result of EPSN passing/selling my email address on to third parties.

At which point, I can make my displeasure at having my information passed/sold on known to the company that did it.

I will point out one thing I'd forgotten about though - some webforms might refuse it, saying '+' isn't a valid email address character. So watch out for that. This is definitely where a trash email account is handy.

Edited at 2011-03-16 03:02 am (UTC)

thanks for letting me know!

I heard about this elsewhere and some of the people I know who sell through Etsy are basically looking elsewhere for places to sell their stuff.

(Deleted comment)
My Facebook account is under my iPod Touch's name. Before that, I was a cartoon character I liked the name of... and was easy to type. :)

I have an email account that gives my real name as sender and it only gets used for personal, family stuff. It's not getting much use these days and I'm considering deleting it.

Also, this is why I only buy my glass dildoes and anal toys from brick and mortar stores. Call me old fashioned...

Oh, for fuck's sake!

How stupid are these companies?

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