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help: Tutorial for Final Cut Pro

My grandfather is a professional photographer (theoretically retired, but not so much) and has been Mac-entranced for the last few years (my grandparents, svmadelyn, V, betraying me, but fine, whatever, Apple-lovers). Anyway, he has been playing with Final Cut Pro but after I showed him some friends' vids, he's staring at it in betrayal.

Anyway, does anyone have a good layman link for a Final Cut tutorial or a well-written technical version with good examples? I read the documentation, and he got farther than I did reading it, but he's coming from a photographer's background, not video, so I'm thinking, tentatively, his reading is coming from that perspective and slowing him down in translation.

He's very good at complex slideshows (like I said, retired, but not so much) and is fine with most photography software, so I'm hoping getting different types of tutorials and perspectives will get one that hits right for him.

Any help at any level would be appreciated. I'm assembling links and sending them in a group to see which ones he clicks with, so I'd love any suggestions.

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