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this is tempting the gods, isn't it?

Tentatively, the gods of tech have maybe not decided I should die in an electrical fire?

1.) Youtube - disable hardware acceleration. See, I would ahve done that but it's now greyed out, but after some searching the forums, youtube put up a static video that wasn't greyed out. Problem? Solved.

2.) Removed Toolbar Buttons by Michael B, one of my favorite extensions, an lo adn behold, I'm not getting script errors--yet. Firefox 4 still randomly goes into overddrive for no reason, and I still have no permanent tabs, but I can deal.

3.) The Google Shortcuts 2.1.5 is awesome and proof google is taking over the world. Christ. They do that much? And they can also add custom buttons. Happy.

4.) Got the latest Black Jewels book, Twilight's Dawn, by Anne Bishop. I'm still thinking about it. More later. If my computer doesn't turn on me again.

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