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...there really is no summary for this


In this order:

1.) My kindle screen broke.
2.) youtube stopped working.
3.) Mozilla errored out on googledocs and then crashed, failed, and no go.
4.) Firefox 4 Beta also did that, then erased my extensions, then did something horrible to itself. Also, on principle, wtf, app pin is so not a replacement for Permanent Tabs.
5.) Chrome cannot load my gateway email addy and has no extra toolbars and okay, it needs more extensions and it's not very intuitive. And it crashes.
6.) Network problems at work continue to make it hard to get consistent access. As my entire job requires me to test networked and internet accessible programs, this is kinda a downer.
7.) Company who owns my thegateway email addy says I have not paid for three months no matter how many times I verify I did.
8.) Student loan payment went up like whoa.
9.) Still cannot get into googledocs.
10.) Had to work on holiday.
11.) Still have a menstrual cycle. It really reminded me. Like, a lot.

If I get eaten by a whale, I honestly won't even be surprised. I mean, the surprise will be if I make it through the day without my aura of technological destruction sending satellites crashing down on our heads and EMPing us by the force of my will or something, IDK.

There is not enough coffee in the world for this.

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