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so much diaf
children of dune - leto 1
Surfacing from work, work, God, work....

Notes on the Mage Storm trilogy.

1.) If you read The Mage Storm trilogy, Karal will desensitize you to Mary Sues forever. I mean, to put it this way; I like Lavan now. I like Lavan Fucks-a-Horse and Firesong Loves-Reflection-Too-Much so much my heart beats for them. Myste seems a well-rounded, realistic character. They aren't Karal. Who seriously should have died in a fire, and I swear I forgave Firesong everything ever for perpetuity for hating him. Just. DIAF.

2.) Now I remember why I stopped reading the Mage Storms trilogy. That was a nightmare. But Tremane made it worth it.

3.) If Elspeth and Gwena could be more smug and self-satisfied, I'm pretty sure they would explode.

4.) For a woman whose people sent demons after other people for fun, Solaris et al have an awful lot of self-righteous rage for Tremane assassinating Ulrich, who was also a demon caller and you know, I bet he might have like, sent them after people. You know, since that was his job and how he got his special robe and all.

5.) An'desha - die in a fire. You were so annoying when you got all 'healed' which seemed to mean 'being a dick and whining a lot' and 'being a dick and smug about it' and 'being a dick because you are finding a Higher Spiritual Plane'.

6.) Seriously. They brought back Tarma from the dead to talk about how awesome Karal was. I--what? Are you kidding me?

7.) Irony--Elspeth bringing assassins to assassinate Tremane for--assassinating people. Weird--no one seemed to think that was strange.

Notes on The Last Herald Mage:

Vanyel is awesome. I mean, this could be because Karal brain damaged me, but that's okay, you know why? Vanyel isn't Karal. Also, because only Vanyel could have a twink half his age with tons of sexual experience panting after him and not like, notice. And then when he does? Angsts about it. Oh Vanyel.

Final Notes:

Why is there no hate Karal groups? We need one. I want to join it. TEN WAYS KARAL DIES AND THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE.

This has been a message from me and my Kindle bonding.

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...I might have to dig out my books because somehow, I don't remember Karal. ...

That's hte weird part. I don't eitehr. I read the first two and then forgot them. And then I realized I hadn't read that series and was like, huh.

And now I know why I ran away. Holy shit, Karal. Who everyone--and I do mean everyone--thinks is awesome. Everyone.

Karal is a pimple on the ass of Mary Sue Books.

Like, I LOVE Lackey, for all her sins. But Karal is just. He's lacking in any redeeming quality.

He's so. PERFECT.

Meanwhile, he kills the Ghost of Tarma. And Van. And Stephen. AND hurts reincarnated horse SAVIL.

I hates him.

The only reason he doesn't have hate groups is that everyone has blocked him out of their conscious minds.

And Need. Killed Need. NEED.

I think I only made it through the first book of that trilogy...

I'll just hang out over here, with my well-loved copies of Oathbound/Oathbreakers and By the Sword.

Tremane the builder of kingdoms? Worth it. I am re-reading now just for Tremane being awesome. He's possibly one of the best characters she wrote.

Weirdly, Karal is the only thing I like about the Mage Storm books.

You know... I only have the vaguest memories of that series. I remember not liking it though. It was not quite as boring as the Owlthingy trilogy and not quite as horrifying as Lavan literally-dies-in-a-fire-thank-goodness-finally, and yet in the combination of those two attributes managed to be... yeah. >.>

Also lol, VANYEL. My friends and I affectionately call him the Angstmuffin. I can think of few literary characters I'm quite as fond of as Vanyel. Bless. XD

When Tremane starts building a kingdom in Hardorn? Yes, that's worth it. The rest, eh. w/e.

Vanyel, however, is love.

I swear to god, when I read ML I feel my EQ dropping. They are my eternal shame that I save for days that I need to indulge in the heights of teenage angst... so basically for those really bad PMS's I turn to Mercedes Lackey and super dark chocolate ice cream.

That said, *hearts Vanyel*

VANYEL IS LOVE AND AWESOME. I seriously just bonded with him.

I think I still have those books at home, and I probably read them more often than the Mage Winds trilogy. just the parts with Tremane, though. he is so goddamned badass. competence in a lead character, how do I love thee, let me count the ways...

YES THIS. Tremane just--I want a book about him. Just about him being awesome.

I like Lavan Fucks-a-Horse and Firesong Loves-Reflection-Too-Much so much my heart beats for them.

Haha, omg, I grew up on these books. I think I read every single Heralds of Valdemar book back in the day (or like, five years ago...), and I thought Vanyel was so sad and romantic and brooding. And then I grew up a bit and was like, honey, get a life. And Lavan! I was indeed kind of waiting for him to have actual UST with Kalira, or something. You know if someone wrote this on the internets he totally would. Like that HoV fanfic on ff.net with the mage storms and that guy and the centaur. Although I don't really remember. :/

Firesong too, even though he was a total bitch. Although I really came to love his crazy masks. For some reason, I just could not like any of the ladies in these books, they were always really smug, especially Elspeth, or really woobie-ish, like Talia (mostly). I think I was only reading them for the queer characters, and they were the best of it and never got nearly enough screen time.

Thank you! I have the books, but only because I liked Ulrich and Tremane. Elspeth, OMG, I wanted to bitch slap her and Gwena.

I love Vanyel so much, there are just no words! Hot, powerful, shy! How can you resist that? I loved how you could tell he wanted to bitch-slap Karal himself. And Yfandes was always the voice of saneness.

I love Mercedes Lackey, even when I want to kill her characters for their righteous, smug attitudes.


I have never heard of this craziness that you speak...yet I fill the urge to go and purchase them.

Tremane building a kingdom out of Hardorn? Gorgeous. That does make them worth reading. He's so freaking BAMF it's ridiculous.

Every time I think about Vanyel I feel deeply ashamed that I STILL LOVE HIM even though I know better now. I do, I do. I never even touched Mage Storms, and couldn't finish most other stuff set it the 'verse because those books felt like they were actively rotting my brain. But Vanyel... >_> Sometimes I hate that my fangirl buttons are so easily pushed.

I love Vanyel so much it isn't even funny.

I started with Vanyel, and it made me unable to read the rest.

Vanyel is love.

Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure my slash love starts with Vanyel.

Ahem. Actually, I don't think that's personally true, but Vanyel may have been the first blatantly gay POV character I can remember reading. And yes, loved him very much...

Oh, Valdemar. I tried reading the latest books (Foundations and Intrigues), Foundations was eh okay but my god Intrigues? I almost wasn't able to finish it. It seemed as if her thought process was along the lines of "how do I spice this up a bit? I know, suddenly make everyone hate Character A and have him cut himself in a corner for a few chapters".

And yes, Tremane was definitely one of my favorite characters. Firesong and An'desha were perfect for each other, too; they could've whined at each other for the rest of their lives instead of submitting anyone else to the abuse.

I was going to read Intrigues, but I saw too many reviews that were like, "Unrelenting angst!! Beware!" And so I steered clear. I can totally dig good angst if there's a strong resolution, but that didn't sound like the case. So I guess that series will just go unfinished for me.