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Parents gave me a kindle for my birthday! It is here and after twenty-four hours of thought, I realized I might as well follow tradition and name it after what I'm reading, since that narrowed down the choices considerably.

Ed Elric the Kindle (I couldn't call it Fullmetal with a straight face, even though I wanted to) now has my first download: By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey. It was the first book I read by her and started me off looking for books by women about women in fantasy, as it was new and exciting to read about women not being damsels in distress but doing things, and often things that were quite independent of the males in their lives. It's also one I've had to replace several times. It felt like this huge decision--the first book on my kindle!--and I feel better I started off with my favorite character in one of my favorite books who still stands the test of time.

Next: find the complete works of Sydney Von Scyoc and read them in order, Darkchild on if available. Judith Tarr's novel about Elian, the only one of that series I liked. Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword and why isn't there another novel in that series? Mairelon the Magician and Magician's Ward, as Kim is always awesome. A very nice formatted copy of Jane Austen's works. Maybe grab that terrifyingly awesome trilogy of badfic yet delicious Jane Austen sequels by three different authors they're selling as a bundle. And start getting all my favorites in one convenient place. This is ridiculously convenient--I had no idea.

I feel this is a good excuse to finally replace books I know I have but can't find and want to read but feel guilty about buying again; it doesn't count if it's electronic, apparently. I should make a list.

(Wish I could fix the formatting though. Every time they miss an italic I know goes there it drives me nuts. Pretty sure I can recite this one by now.)

This cannot end well for my bank account. Also, why the hell isn't Winds of Fury kindlized? The rest of the series is!

Note: new round of testing starts Monday, so if I seem vanished, not dead, just hating the universe. Really heavy testing starts the week after, but I'm using this week to also get ahead on that, since I have to clean up the new scripts I wrote for googledocs before March 1st, so need free time that week to do it.

Note to Self: the time to practice object creation in javascript is not right after you got the script to work and then thinking you want to totally rewrite it. Just. What the fuck? Would also help if you documented yourself a little more after bouts of 3 AM inspiration because I seriously have no idea what the hell I was doing or how, but on the upside, four sites can now autoupdate all their stock prices for me and I can mass create perfectly formed workbooks correctly formatted, cleaned, paged, and nicely organized and my import scripts are working. Mostly. We're still in Seperis World testing, not real world, and apparently how I think is natural to do things is, well, wrong. Still.


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