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this is very, very cool
children of dune - leto 1
Child's Kindle was delivered today as a slightly belated birthday present, and oh.

Now I get why people like these.

I didn't make the connection for some weird reason--this is instant no-wait access to books. I mean, it's like, the pieces just came together all of a sudden. Ebooks. Instant. Access. Books.

And I'll be honest; I'm kind of running out of space for mine.

I don't mean like, literally. Of course there's space. I mean, for the practical purposes of keeping up with them and finding them when I want, and I still tape paperbacks together that I can't locate anywhere else (Sydney van Scyoc, for one), but the fog has lifted.

How did I not get this on a gut level I have no idea. I think I'm suffering from a great deal of envy now. He's stupidly excited, and I feel his book budget is going to get a workout. It's adorable.

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Isn't it freaking awesome? Of course, me and Sidney are OTP but I like the way the kindle feels and it's just nice knowing that if you're stuck in a bus for 9 hours 'cause of a blizzard, at least you will have backup.

I nearly got a Kindle but ultimately decided I needed something pocket-sized and capable of running games.

But yeah, ebooks ruin the budget like whoa.

But best of all..freeeeeee classics!

I ended up with a Nook Color. Which is my tiny wee portable electronic god. Seriously. It owns my SOUL.

I love my Nook Color so much.

The instant part is why I'm thinking of giving in to the desire to get one. :P

I love my Kindle. And! I can put fanfiction on it and read it wherever I am!

I use mine to read the fanfiction by using the internet feature, when I am too lazy to boot up my computer. That is in addition to having books on it. I call it Ubi. :P

Really, it's having the ability to read fanfic away from the computer with the exact same interface and ease of access as I would be using for reading professional fiction that's led to me finally whittling down the backlog of saved-but-unread fanfic. And paring back the amount I've been spending on new books.

Yeah, it's pretty much the most amazing thing ever. It's really hard to resist impulse purchases when you don't have to bike to the bookstore or wait a week for shipping.

I love my Kindle 3G. And I agree with my best friend, who also owns one, and who says, it's not instead of traditional books, it's in addition to them. Like, if I want to read in the bathtub I won't be using my Kindle there. I won't be ditching everything I already own in ink-on-paper form (a terrifyingly large collection), though I did weed out all of the classics I can get for free. And, of course, some titles simply aren't available for Kindle.

But, seriously, I am stupidly in love with the thing. Instant books. Lighter travel (no more packing three big volumes in my tote bag for a day trip because I'm not sure which one I'll want to read). Internet access for free, wherever I am (no Flash, but the basics are covered). One-handed reading without fatigue. I will admit that I find the wonky formatting of ebooks a little annoying (strange line breaks, occasional hyphenation problems), but I'm hoping that either I'll become inured to it, or the publishers will be able to clean things up eventually.

I finally gave in and got a Kindle late last year, and now I'm kicking myself for not getting one sooner. I converted several people to the gospel of the Kindle on my trip to visit the fam for the holidays. Everyone kept asking me about it and I could not help but wax rhapsodic.

1) You need a good case. I like this one because it's armor-like and has a stand:


2) You may not have to blow the entire book budget, because two words:





3) Also! You can email your Kindle ANY PDF and Amazon will convert it automagically and send it to your Kindle.


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