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children of dune - leto 1
So my googledoc stock search engine thing is--there. And possibly working, but I'm not sure how well. Anyone up for volunteering to enter text into boxes and telling me how it's breaking for you? If you have a burning desire to offer up non-English language expertise, I'd possibly offer marriage, as I cannot get Hong Kong or Germany to work properly, possibly due to not speaking the language very well or at all, but I blame keyboard incompatibility. Basically, I'm not going anywhere in non-English until I can get an actual speaker to verify what I'm seeing.

Currently I'm indexing about fourteen sites...sort of. It's weird and slow and I'm pretty sure I'm missing something obvious. However, I learned to use Query, so there is that.

You do not need to know how to use googledocs, but anyone who is really conversant at it, that'd be nice, too.

Email at seperis at gmail or comment.

(This was also posted at market_roulette)

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Normally I would be all over helping you but I only have one working eye atm and I'm hacking up this weird chunky green stuff from my lungs so I'm kinda just zoning.


I speak German, I have no idea what's going on otherwise though.

*bounce* Excellent! Send your email to seperis so I can share the files with you.

I can help out with Mandarin/Chinese, but I'm kinda going through midterms right now, so it'll be slow going.

And I don't major in anything related to econ, so I have no idea what's going on?

happy to help, but limited to english. Have done app testing before, though.

*glee* Send me your gmail to seperis and I'll share the files.

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