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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
I feel like the loafiest loafer ever to loaf at this point. Which, to me, is *just fine*.

And yes, isilya, I am *rebonding* with italics.

*sticks out tongue*


The Spam Report

In Spam this week....

The Viagra substitute sildenafil citrate (sp?) has taken the lead in spam numbers (thanks to kathb for pointing out what this stuff is). Penis growth has fallen way behind, with a short-term upsurge earlier this week in 'please your woman with this blah blah blah' thing that just reading the subject line put me to sleep. Farmyard porn tried for a comeback but fell behind breast enlargement in a surprising move, showing the highest number of spam I've seen yet hit my inbox this week. You'd almost think they were reading my LJ.

But the spelling is still for shit. Like I'd buy new breasts from someone who can't spell. Bah.


josselin takes that marriage from hell another excruciatingly cute step further in this part. Man. Brian just can't *win*.


There are more, but I'm still doing that thing where I work through the ATP archive by inches. Things I didn't know--there are people in there I know that I had NO idea wrote QaF-UK or QaF-US, and it's kind of trippy.

Also, I am going to start sending feedback for non-LJ fic. I'm just out of the habit now. This is Bad and makes me feel so extremely guilty it's just pitiful. LJ just makes it so *easy*. It's like that day I realized I'd hit a new low when I spent ten minutes looking for the remote control so I could turn down the volume of the television that was less than a foot from me.

And the first person who mocks my earlier assertions that this was going to be a fling fandom? Revolution, against the wall, all that. Don't even *think* about it.

And I'm NOT starting a series of bad QaF icons. Nope.

Stupid Things That Amused Me Today

I've been playing with my filters again--and no, not for nefarious locking purposes, but for ease of reading purposes. Basically, I cannot chop my friendslist down anymore. And I'm pretty much adding on a biweekly basis, thanks to all these people *leaping* out of the woodwork with clever QaF ficness and commentary, not to mention people on my LJ keep sending me to read Really Cool People I Can't Live Without Reading.

So. I set up filters, thinking idyllically of lists based by fandom, which became kind of weird when the overlaps hit and I couldn't figure out how to categorize some people and then some didn't even share a *fandom* with me but I had to put them somewhere, and ended up with pretty much a nervous breakdown over it. Because dramatizing this sort of thing is how I get my kicks.

Then there is The Weirdness.

Like, I took a dislike to a particular subject/LJ/icon/cat story/something. Let's just keep it general, because depending on my mood, it could be all of the above. Of course, the *second* I start hating the very mention, half my friendslist bursts into musical numbers about it, complete with an accompanying orchestra and a backup band.

I used to just grit my teeth and skip. Then I learned the magic of filters, which was great until I realized I was missing intersting, non-gritty-teeth stuff and killed the filter so I could read it, by that time the subject in question having burned itself out.

So then, I made uberfilter, or the filter that I put in everyone who has never mentioned anything that irritated me. All one of you are in there. The sad thing is, *I* don't even rate being in there.

How depressing. I annoy myself.

Other stuid things include--trying to sleep and half-succeeding. Finding out that I haven't lost my taste for cheap microwave TV dinners. The mashed potatoes just rock. Three hours of watching The Medical Channel. One hour of absolute belief I'd be coming down with a new mutated strain of meningitis any minute now. Mocking myself took the rest of the day.

In Television

What did it was the negative review Entertainment Weekly gave it. When EW hates something, there's a pretty good chance it's my new blue. Carnivale on HBO. I read the synopsis, and while I'm leery on the entire anvily Christian mythology here, since no one's done anything new with that in the last five thousand shows I've seen, I'm attracted by the entire traveling carnival aspect, and the pictures I've seen rock. So I'm tentatively putting it down as something I shall make a friend who has HBO tape for me, at least the pilot. Or download, or however I can get it.

Tru Calling is still there. I've been scraping at the reviews, trying to find something I haven't seen before. I'm beginning to think I have a twofold problem with it. One, I want to find something *new*. And *new* is Anathema to television apparently--witness Joss and his travails. Two, the second I *do* find something I love, it's like the kiss of death. I kill cactus, houseplants, apparently *don't* kill Hermit crabs but just give it time, and television ratings. Firefly is a good example of that. Buffy's survival is still a miracle, and I'm almost certain it beat the wire by me losing the ability to watch it for an entire season, therefore saving it from my fingers of death. Eyes of death. Whatever.

And while I love Law and Order and kind of like CSI, I am So Freaking Bored with all the copies of it. That and Reality TV, and I swear, I'm getting embarassed on behalf of all these contestants. I wince every time I see a new advert. Please let this burn out. Please let it be soon.

I had this long, long rant on why Reality TV is a sign of the apocalypse and then I had the bright idea of doing a comparison to the fall of Rome and circuses, but then I found the Digimom DVD my sister bought and bathed in it for awhile.

And for the record? The first season was the best. I refuse to consider the third season canon. So there.

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That and Reality TV, and I swear, I'm getting embarassed on behalf of all these contestants. I wince every time I see a new advert. Please let this burn out. Please let it be soon.

Heh. That's so me. Watched the first Big Brother, watched the first popstars/popgroups whatever, caught an ep or two of the Amazing Race/Survivor type shows and now I'm just praying they'll bloody well stop. Unfortunately, I don't think they will. Not for a good 5-10 years. (Mark this prediction. We'll see if there's still Reality TV on in 2010. I'm betting there will be. *shudders*)

The only exception I'll make to this may be Queer Eye for a Straight Guy (which I'm kinda looking forward to seeing) but that seems a bit more like a DIY/renovation program than anything else.

*sighs* Bring my my scripts! My actors! My fictional character and plots! If I wanted real life, I'd get off my butt, and go out and watch real people.

I feel like the loafiest loafer ever to loaf at this point.

Menawhile, I could challenge you for that title. Boss isn't at work today, so I've been here since 9am (it's now 3pm) and done nothing other than check email and catch up on LJ. *g*

Mark this prediction. We'll see if there's still Reality TV on in 2010. I'm betting there will be. *shudders*

It's like you're reading my nightmares *right out of my head*. Please God, let it end. The thing for Million Dollar Shows burned out fast, didn't it? *grasping at straws*

The only exception I'll make to this may be Queer Eye for a Straight Guy (which I'm kinda looking forward to seeing) but that seems a bit more like a DIY/renovation program than anything else.

Okay, that's the best rec for the show I can imagine. Okay, I'm going to *try*. Basically, anything that tries to say it's reality based has been hitting the bottom of my pile of television. Except medical TV, because I'm fascinated with all the diseases I'm almost sure I'll catch tomorrow.

*waves merrily*


Well, I'm not big into those home makeovers/switching rooms/garden fixups... we must have at least 4 or 5 shows on that theme that screen here per week. (Oh, to give you an idea, I don't have pay TV, so I only have 5 channels to choose from. Hence, that number of shows is quite a bit).

But Wendi (happyminion) seems to simply break down into squealing when it's on, so I'm waiting for it to come on here at the end of the month.

*shurggs* We've still got a couple of those "You want to be a Millionaire" playing, but if the realitiy TV settled down to two or three shows a week I'd be happy. I mean, I don't watch cop shows either, but having them on 2-3 times a week isn't killing me.

Then again, I've just never been a big fan of anything reality based. I'm only occasionally into documentaries (watch me avoid anything that could be considered educational! *g*) and I've never been into those Funniest Home Videos or Candid Camera.*

Okay, anyone else get the impression I'm avoiding my Saturday chores? *bg*

*The only exception to that is Punk'd because:
a) Ashton Kutcher is a pretty, pretty boy
b) So far, it's shown me Eliza Dushku is a very short skirt.
c) Seth Green's on next week.

Okay, we have to know who the non-annoying person is. I didn't think it was possible to be on LJ and not annoy everyone at some point.

Oh no, I'm not sharing her--then *everyone* will want her and she'll become all egotistical and controversial and totally sell out to Hollywood. LJwood. What IS the equivalent here in LJland? *wonders*

Okay, this is the moment where I have to admit, I've spent way too much time in LJ today. Stupid renewed addiction.

Haha, hi! I'm adding you because, whoa, we have similar interests and know quite a few similar people. You even know kathb, whom I've known for nearly... four years? now. So yeah, this is me (Rube), and I'm adding you. :>

Just for your FYI, I found this show really watchable. The bible metaphors weren't to heavy-handed, but that might just be because it was the first episode. It was really beautiful, so gritty and grainy during the dust bowl scenes that I found myself hawking up tumbleweeds. The best selling point for me was that not one character annoyed me, which is rare. Scared me, amused me, intrigued me, but never annoyed. I would have to recommend checking it out.

I'm really liking Carnivale so far. I'm not sure how the storyline will go over the course of the series, but I love the atmosphere and what I've seen of the characters.

I was planning a thoughtful response here, but it's just not happening. So I'll just say how much I enjoy your hodgepodge posts - they make me laugh, they make me think, and what more could a boy want?

Also, my new blue is Six Feet Under. I've only seen the first season, cuz that's all that's out on DVD, but wow, it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. And have you tried Alias?

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