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home is where piles of new things are waiting
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, am I the only one who is desperately in love with the kudos function in AO3? It's like tiny cookies left in my inbox. Not that I do not adore regular feedback (or epic length examination, whoo boy, do I love), but kudos! Tiny cookies of happy! In inbox!

This has been a message from she whose amazon boxes of manga goodness arrived today. Also, I'm on volume three of loveless. I have no clue why I'm reading this. I'm not even sure where they came from (barnes and noble), or how I got them (with a credit card). Okay, lies, but there was this other one with a guy with a really creepy red hat and vampires. And a wicked sword for cutting people (vampires?) up; maybe a war? I was more staring at the sword, tbh. I really feel I should have gotten that, too, but I'm trying to like, set a good example, which would have worked better probably if I hadn't just agreed to get him Sin City next month because apparently my parenting skills when it comes anything readable consist of "Shiny," and "Wait, don't I have this somewhere?" or more depressingly, "How can you be my kid and not know that's in the box under my bed/in the closet on the top shelf/if you can't find it, you don't deserve to have it".

My life lessons - invasions of privacy and being sneaky. Well done, me.

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you are not the only who loves kudos like chocolate. both as a user and as a recipient, it is the BEST THING EVER!

and? I am desperately wanting it for every other archive, lj, and dw site out there.

The Kudos function is really really great. I love when people do it (it always makes me smile when I open my email and there's one there), and I like being able to use it when I like something, but I don't really know what to say to the author.

Actually the Kudos function stunned me when two small kudos' dropped into my inbox. I was gobsmacked with surprise. They also proved people are reading my fic over on AO3 and that I better

a: proofread pronto
b: Put the rest up there!

(This comment was deleted & reposted for coherence. & the only thing I miss from having a paid account is the comment edit function)

Yes with the kudos love. I've put up a couple of comment fic stories, and I'm getting kudos for those. It makes me so happy to see that email in my inbox.

And I love the kudos as a reader because I don't always have anything to say other than, Hey I really enjoyed this. :D

Yes you are. I find them annoying. Other people find them annoying. Meh.

I remember reading Loveless and trying to figure out some overarching theme or point to the story, and yet it was just, 'Let's all whump Ritsuka/Soubi, he's so pretty when he cries'. The animation is very shiny, however, should you feel like checking it out.

(Also, kudos! Now I know my hit count isn't from random bots pinging around on AO3! Well, not only.) (It also works the other way when, as a reader, I don't really have more to say than, 'Well done! *claps*'. Instead of feeling stupid for leaving something like that, I press the kudos button. :D)

I like them fine now that I don't have to get emails about them along with the comments. I am pleased to go look at the story and see the kudos number there. But one story has like almost 200. I got an email for every single one of those. It was kind of annoying. (I didn't turn off email notifications because I didn't want to miss an actual comment on something else and I never check my AO3 inbox.)

I still prefer when people take the time to type a few words at me though, since I took the time to type them a few thousand. I am pretty okay with a 'Cool story bro' kind of comment, actually. Since less than 10% of readers--ha, okay, 1-5% depending on the phase of the moon and the day of the week and what colour shirt I might be wearing--bother commenting in the first place. I like and appreciate the reason for the existence of kudos but it's a slippery slope to the vagaries of facebook 'likes' as far as the likelihood of substantial contribution to a dialogue goes.

(Deleted comment)
You know, I can't even tell who the sarcasm is directed at. I'm thinking me, but I can't be entirely sure. *thoughtful*

(Deleted comment)
Shhh. I try not to think about it too hard. It feels way too recent.

You were trying to set a good example? I don't think Loveless sets a good example of anything except Teh Creepy (but boy does it do a good job of that, as witnessed by my randomly breaking into ALL CAPS to express my feelings). Swords might be an improvement.

I like the kudos function -- mostly I've liked it from the other side, tbh, since I can never think of anything to say in feedback. It's like getting to stamp something with a little stamp of readerly approval.

...I'm not saying it was a good plan. I am saying it was sadly, one of my more cunning. Which no, is not comforting.

Heck no, I ADORE the kudos function on AO3! Getting those little nuggets of love make my day.

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