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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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not my life, not my life, not my life
children of dune - leto 1
Child's absconded with everything Fullmetal Alchemist due to an obscure canon continuity question; the really unfortunate thing is, his mom's a fangirl and gets why he needs the entire fucking first series and all the canon-compliant in the house, because he's just too special to trust google or something. So it's not like I can argue the point. Also, he's blackmailing me because he watched Brotherhood on youtube already and threatens to spoil me for the entire thing if I try and sneak anything away.

It's not like this is new.

Warfare in the Seperis household always ends with tears and threats of cutting each other with the sharp edges of our keyboards. He's been holding Buffy the Vampire Slayer sixth season hostage because I hid all the Saiyuki until I get Due South back (could be anywhere). I'm about two steps from sleeping with my Star Trek books and Gravitation has gone into hiding. I'm so locking him out of the router tonight; he wants internet, he can damn well brute force my passwords.

This has been a message from the side of fandom that makes new fanpeople. Those of you with children; yeah, start adding GPS tags to everything now. Trust me, you'll need it.

And goddamn it, he took everything after I watched Hughes die and I'm always a mess after that.

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I keep looking for the "like" button for this comment. DAMN YOU FACEBOOK.

I do that about a dozen times a day and I've decided won't start feeling like a tool about it until I find myself getting the urge while interacting with people during the course of my day. I know it's going to happen.

*stares into the distance, carefully not looking at anything* It will.

I'll just start pointing at people when the annoy me and I'll yell, "Unlike!"

Oh man, I just got late-to-the-party spoilered.

But uh, it sounds like your son will grow up to rule the world, or at least a significant portion of the internet. Be proud, and withhold dessert.

Arg, sorry! I even added that in an afterhtought! Cutting.

It's okay! I was expecting someone from his unit/group to die, so I'm still at the stage of being relieved it isn't Roy himself.

(I've just started Brotherhood - omg Nina!)

I'm waiting for my blurays for Brotherhood. *GLEE*

The answer: two copies of everything. Same thing happened when I inducted my wee sister into Buffy fangirlhood; all my shit went vanished and I had a near-coronary. Ever since, we've realized that the only way to keep the peace is to have separate, yet equally robust, collections of things. Books, especially.

I'm laughing. My kids are also nerds but we like totally different things so we don't have this problem. At least you like the same things! It could be worse. He could be a nerd-hating neaderthal.

I'm glad I never had human children.

My kids mostly steal socks, stuffed animals, and jewelry.

They're fairly indifferent to fandom. Thank Bast.

Lol, I adore the Seperis household. ♥

Thank all I hold dear I am past this. I made the mistake of introducing my girls to fanfiction when we only had ONE computer. This was 8-9 years ago. You would not believe the epic "discussions" that involved "let me finish this chapter" followed by "hey you were on chapter such and so and now you are TEN chapters later!" No it was not just the kids either. Now we have a computer for each person that still lives in the house and internet for those that read online. Plus PDA's so we can take our fanfic on the go.

Your child watches Gravitation?! That's really... okay, adjectives fail me, I feel like Hobbes. Hope you like Brotherhood -- I really, really did. Have you read the manga?

Gravitation - not yet. Romance doesn't do much for him quite yet. He just likes to hide them from me and randomly quote.

Brotherhood - I ordered the rest of the series. I'm trying to decide whether to finish it first or watch instead first. Probably simultaneous, since Child and I are sharing.

Brotherhood and the manga are so close, I sometimes lose track of where certain scenes/lines appeared. Then I have to check, and lose a few hours. Watching-and-reading with Child sounds sensible; this is clearly a game for the whole family.

...I have the reverse problem in that my *parents* nick all my pratchett, gaiman, and recently, LOTR box sets.

Crap, LJ ate my first comment.

Anyway, YOU are an awesome parent and hopefully Child appreciates a parent who loves anime/manga, video games and is willing to share.

Edited at 2011-01-17 05:27 pm (UTC)

I don't even remember if the FMA manga has ended. >.>a

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