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this is because at some point, something has to give

So I haven't actually hit my limit on a credit card recently, and boy, I did try; I ordered Brotherhood and a surprising amount of manga and I'm already sobbing quietly in rewatching the first series. I still hate work, I'm in a terrible mood, and it's time to change formats altogether and stop watching Fullmetal Versus Flame because even for me, that's getting creepy. And by that, I mean, that's really hot. Because there's finger snapping fires, and somehow, I always forget that I like fire and explosions and I don't know why I keep forgetting my zen is in fact fire, explosions, and fighting. If this could conceivably be combined with porn, pretty sure my purpose in life would be to watch it over and over again. Which is why it's on while I'm writing this. If you see misspellings, blame Roy. Christ.

I don't get it. Al and Winry are the only even semi-nice characters. Everyone else is either a dick, an asshole, or a combination of the two combined with what very well could be incipient psychosis, but then there's these glimpses of utterly heartrending moments of intense vulnerability where I totally fall into this huge pile of heartbreak and it's just weird. Also, I really love the violence. God, do I love the violence. I really need more of this.

Tuesday through Friday next week are going to be brutal and may end badly unless I can get out my feelings in some productive manner. If I order today, I get it by Tuesday from amazon. Recommend me something new to watch? Or read. I can hide it under my desk while trying not to write things into my defects like "are you high because you thought this was a good idea? My son can code better than this." Which is true, but I don't want to be fired. I think.

(And if you have Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic recs, please. I avoided it for years, then hello, that was dumb; why did I avoid it?)

Oh look, fight's over, need to watch again. At some point, I should get bored, and yet, I never do.

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