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this is because at some point, something has to give
children of dune - leto 1
So I haven't actually hit my limit on a credit card recently, and boy, I did try; I ordered Brotherhood and a surprising amount of manga and I'm already sobbing quietly in rewatching the first series. I still hate work, I'm in a terrible mood, and it's time to change formats altogether and stop watching Fullmetal Versus Flame because even for me, that's getting creepy. And by that, I mean, that's really hot. Because there's finger snapping fires, and somehow, I always forget that I like fire and explosions and I don't know why I keep forgetting my zen is in fact fire, explosions, and fighting. If this could conceivably be combined with porn, pretty sure my purpose in life would be to watch it over and over again. Which is why it's on while I'm writing this. If you see misspellings, blame Roy. Christ.

I don't get it. Al and Winry are the only even semi-nice characters. Everyone else is either a dick, an asshole, or a combination of the two combined with what very well could be incipient psychosis, but then there's these glimpses of utterly heartrending moments of intense vulnerability where I totally fall into this huge pile of heartbreak and it's just weird. Also, I really love the violence. God, do I love the violence. I really need more of this.

Tuesday through Friday next week are going to be brutal and may end badly unless I can get out my feelings in some productive manner. If I order today, I get it by Tuesday from amazon. Recommend me something new to watch? Or read. I can hide it under my desk while trying not to write things into my defects like "are you high because you thought this was a good idea? My son can code better than this." Which is true, but I don't want to be fired. I think.

(And if you have Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic recs, please. I avoided it for years, then hello, that was dumb; why did I avoid it?)

Oh look, fight's over, need to watch again. At some point, I should get bored, and yet, I never do.

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This isn't precisely an FMA rec, but it's a very well-done Sherlock-FMA fusion. I hope you like it? (It is, however, rather lacking in explosions.)

I ordered Brotherhood and a surprising amount of manga and I'm already sobbing quietly in rewatching the first series.

Is Brotherhood the new version? How does it do, compared to the older one? Is it worth watching?

I'm just curious -- have you seen Brotherhood yet, and if yes, did you like it better or worse than the original? It's so polarizing I always like to hear what people think. :D

Not yet. It shoudl be here Tuesday, so I'll watch straight through then.

Try over here; requires friending, but open friending.

There's some EXCELLENT or at least very satisfying Fullmetal Alchemist fic. Which I must now hunt down and reread. *nods* Mirabella did some, and lightgetsin on AO3 has three awesome stories.

Also, ha, yes, explosions. The most self-indulgent fic I'm writing atm is four female revolutionaries, one of whom is a firestarter. *__*

Edited at 2011-01-15 09:05 pm (UTC)

Al and Winry are the only even semi-nice characters. Everyone else is either a dick, an asshole, or a combination of the two...

Anime or Manga? I want to finish reading the anime before I watch the manga and have about four volumes to go, but I like Maes Hughes, Pinako and Major Armstrong too. Oh, Hughes, *sigh*. Also General Olivier Armstrong is awesome, and I like Ed because he is a teenage boy trying to deal with life, death, awesome screw-up, genius, guilt, lost big little brother, being an orphan, first crush, psychos, legends, a torn bloody country, extreme violence, conspiracy, massive destructive and transformational power, and being a teenager which usually comes with a big dose of stupidity and/or dickery. All together, I think his personality could be an awful lot worse, though I think Al is a big reason why it isn't.

How close are the anime and the manga? Do you prefer one or the other or do they both have their own thing?

Ok, I have seen one movie and one episode of FMA and the rest of what I know is from fanfic.

Metisket's fics are great, especially her Crazy!Ed AU series. I absoulutely LOVE her stuff. http://metisket.livejournal.com/19887.html#cutid1
A quote:
“What the fuck is your problem?”
“Where to begin?” Maes mused. “The hostility? The unpredictable violence? The explosions, Ed?”


Ed took a trip out East for automail maintenance, and came back with a Xingian prince and a suicidal plan involving lots of explosions.
Maes was coming to expect this sort of behavior from Ed.

So lots of explosions for you!

And another fic I liked is a crossover between FMA and Gundam Wing called Find the Moon by SOL 1056: http://www.scimitarsmile.com/story.php?p=922
Duo manages to transport himself to the FMA world.

"Just who're you calling..." Edward's voice stuttered to a halt as he saw where the man was pointing. "...short?"

Unfortunately, my favorite FMA writer, ciceqi, has taken down all her fic. Here are some others that are really good, though.

lightgetsin and branch have some fun, porny fics. insaneidiot has a few non-porny fics. metisket has both slash and gen fic, including an AU where Ed is much crazier that you might like.

For more recs, try tomomichi. I find a lot of fic through her.

If you go to ciceqi's dreamwidth and email her at the email provided there, she may tell you where you can find her fic.

Is it available through the Internet Wayback Machine? I retrieved some fic that way and got the rest from a fan with the promise I would never put it on the Internet.

Nope, she reposted everything somewhere else. It's been up long enough that you could maybe find it by searching delicious.

FMA has lots of very good doujin; almost all of them are too short though! Haven't read FMA djs in a while, but these are some recs off the top of my head.

Scan-clan's FMA doujin are all very good, but so angsty!

School Days: Edward in Blue
A short high school AU

www.mangaupdates.com has a comprehensive listing of dj with links to the groups that work on them.
www.aarinfantasy.com/forum has links to nearly all slashy dj (some groups don't allow their stuff to be linked from other places) including difficult to find stuff from now defunct groups and untranslated scans.

Velvet-mace has written FMA; linky to her list-o-fic -> http://velvet-mace.livejournal.com/95241.html#cutid1

I've not read them but if these are anything like her Sherlock stories, they will be so wonderfully wrong in ways that'll have you re-reading.

Have you seen Fairy Tail? One of the main characters is a mage of the Fire Dragon Slayer school - lots of flame and explosions.
It's somewhat light and silly, with moments of seriousness.

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