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vidrec: how to save a life, fullmetal alchemist
children of dune - leto 1
My lack of shame about this is telling; I seriously love vids made on super popular music. Yes, I know that leads to five billion My Heart Will Go On's, but the thing is, even at the cheesiest level, if they work, I'm so there. Then there's shame, but that's after you're finished crying about the love that never dies.

However, then there are the ones that do really, really, really well. Gakked from fail_fandomanon that always brings the most interesting recs to the yard, because my weakness is vids made to the Fray, and also, Fullmetal Alchemist, which always breaks my heart and never bothers to fix it after.

How to Save a Life, Fullmetal Alchemist

The entire reason I started watching--and perhaps buying the manga--was a fourteen second bit before a commercial on cartoon network or something; no idea now. This is one of the things I'm super fannish about and never want to talk about, because I will cut you if you are negative about one little thing. The first step to not becoming scary is self-awareness; I could be scary for this show. Like, sockpuppet army of righteous defense scary. And I'd also be really bad at it, but you know, I'd try.

(This is one of the many useful things about having a son. No one even blinks if you utilize him at Barnes and Noble to explain why you're carrying a small fortune in anime and give the cashier rueful looks like, what can you do? Yeah, he's getting tired of that. I may need another plan.)

Anyway, the vid isn't everything that ever broke my heart. But it's really, really close. Good timing, good scene choice, fantastic escalation, and more than that, brilliant use of the song as it is and as it could be.

If you don't cry by the second section, you have no soul, okay? Just, I will judge, oh, and how.

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I get so ridiculously emotional over fictional things, so I was teary about TWO SECONDS IN. AND THEN A HOUSEMATE WALKED IN. IT WAS EMBARRASSING OKAY.

Oh FMA, how I love you.

Have you been watching Brotherhood?

Oh man, son is excellent cover. I'm often mistaken for young young teen so you could take me instead!



(give me some recs before I end up at that mpreg again, desperate. RECS.)

Primary recs are ANYTHING by


Truth in Lies:

SkyDark - most particularly the Sex Ed series"

Sleeps With Coyotes had some of the BEST stuff out there, but unfortunately her page is down. I've emailed her, in hopes of finding out what happened, but it may be tragically lost to the internet. Her site was here: http://ciceqi.slashcity.com/

These are the people I keep up with, and they've all written epic amounts in the fandom. If you come across anything else essential please share the rec!

And yes, Rainjoy has an MPreg fic, but it's GOOD. And her non MPreg stuff is awesome too.

... (shifts eyes to the sides)... a certain someone is looking for a job and hid everything; contacting her directly got the info; most of the stuff is filtered, but just post in the necessary entry, and she adds you quick.

Happy More Joy Day!
This unicorn may be obnoxiously joyful, but has the redeeming quality of being, er, redeemable for 2 illustrations for the story/stories of your choice, as named in a reply to this comment.

Have you been to http://www.animemusicvideos.org/home/home.php ? I first used this site back in 03 when my family got cable internet for the first time (vs dialup). I remember the search tool was impressive based on song, anime, and prefered characters.

That's actually the reason I read fanfic rather than use youtube... when I first started out on the internets, the speed was so slow that I could load and read 5 fanfics in the time it took to try to get a single image to load...

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