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my soda is better than anyone's soda
children of dune - leto 1
Happiness means one of the stores on my way to work sells Mexican Pepsi and Coke. In actual bottles. Which means I had the dubious pleasure of trying to remember a.) what a bottle opener looked like and b.) how they worked while fumbling around with the can opener (on the side, btw), but humiliation at my own fumbling is totes worth it.

The thing is, pretty much every country in the world makes better Coke and Pepsi than the US. I mean, yes, drinking something with delicious sugar does help, and yes, I actually do think glass bottles give better flavor than plastic (but I have no objection to metal cans; maybe I like a faint metallic aftertaste? IDK), but it also just tastes more cola-ish. Like the spirit of cola is strong in this one or something; having this discussion in real life always ends up with a lot of wary looks, but it's true.

You wouldn't think a good day would hinge on so little. Believe me when I say, this will be the best part of my day. The code push didn't go through, so the code for the tests we were supposed to start last Monday isn't there. And yet when we say that we haven't tested this, everyone, including the people who do code pushes, will be totally surprised by this. Because I work in goddamn Dilbert, but I have no sociopathic dog, which you would think would be an improvement but it totally is not.

I have Mexican Pepsi. Right now, I will interpretive dance our answer to testing delays. And maybe sing. Bring it.

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Right now, I will interpretive dance our answer to testing delays. And maybe sing.

Pics or it didn't happen.

The thing is, pretty much every country in the world makes better Coke and Pepsi than the US.
I don't actually drink cola but this sentiment applies to all soft drinks. I won't even touch 7 Up in North America but it was the best drink ever when I was in China.

Every once in a while I'll remember the China flavour and try it here, then I'll remember why I don't touch it anymore. :(

Huh, I should have guessed. God, that's depressing.

I am so jealous. There is nothing as good as Mexican Coke and. I've never even tried the Pepsi! do they also carry Mexican chips and candy?

Yep. Our local grocery store does, too; this area has a very high Hispanic population and the grocery store reflects that. They even make tortillas fresh every day.

Do you know I just spent several minutes googling mexican pepsi, because I thought it was cinnamon flavoured? DO YOU KNOW THAT?

Oh god, when I was in Austin last spring, I bought a 6 pack of Mexican Pepsi in glass bottles and a 6 pack of Dr. Pepper in glass bottles. I can't wait til I'm back in February (and possibly April)--I need to remember what heaven in my mouth was like.

When I lived in Italy, they did not have Diet Coke but rather Coke Light, and they are not the same thing at all because people who swear by regular Coke adored Coke Light (as did Diet Coke people). It was just. better. Or something.

and I lol'd at the fact that you basically said the force of cola is strong in that soda.

drinking something with delicious sugar does help

so true. i once did a blind taste test with regular coke from a bottle, regular coke from a can, regular pepsi from a bottle, regular pepsi from a can, mexican coke, throwback pepsi, and passover coke, and you can definitely tell them all apart.

there's a coca cola plant in pennsylvania that still uses sucrose (one of only two or three in the US, i believe), so i always stock up when i'm over there.

You know, I'm Mexican, and yet I hardly ever have sodas, but I do agree that coke tastes a bit different whenever I've tried it in the US or Europe. I have a friend that's OBSESSIVE about her coke, and will yell at waiters if they bring her pepsi when they're out of it, lol. But really, for me? Fanta's best. But only Mexican fanta, haha.

When my brother was working in Uganda with the UN, these kids would come around in the afternoon with HUGE metal containers filled with ice and small bottles of Coke. They'd scrape the bottle openers against the ridged side of the metal coolers in a rhythm and everyone would come out and buy a coke and drink it right there because you had to give the bottle back. My brother said it was the best Coke he'd ever tasted in his LIFE.

[edit] I think it's the cane sugar and not the corn fructose stuff that makes it taste better.

Edited at 2011-01-10 11:29 pm (UTC)

I have to be the only person that actually like US coke better. I've tried Mexican coke and liked US better. I guess I just like the taste of fructose better.

I agree that American coke or pepsi isn't very good compared to overseas. I always enjoy it more in the UK.

I’m told it’s the difference between corn syrup (U.S.), beet sugar (Europe) and cane sugar (tropical areas like Mexico and south Asia).

Also, american sodas are sweetened so much but someone told me this is because americans like to put ice cubes in their drinks; but if that’s so, then that seems like a chicken/egg kind of situation.

The Costco near me sells mexican Coke. Wow, but if only I could deal with a palette of it, lol. I’ve weaned myself off sodas. And when the craving hits, I try to limit myself. I could tell myself that a palette would be a year’s supply but, the reality is it would be gone in a week.

Paletas and delurking.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I just read War Games for the bajillionth time. Delurking to thank you for a great read. Also you made me remember Mexican Ice Cream Bars which I like even *more* than Mexican Soda. Paletas, Yum!

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