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Democratic Representative Gabrielle Gifford of Arizona Is Shot During a Constituent Meeting

Arizona Representative Gabrielle Gifford shot along with eleven others during a small constituent meeting at a grocery store.

CNN reports she is currently in surgery. The condition of the eleven others is not known, though it is reported that a Congressional staffer has been killed.

Representative Gifford was among three Democratic Congresspeople whose offices were vandalized during health care reform and won her race against a member of the Tea Party earlier this year.

In the rocky course of civilization, repetition is key; by now, I think we kind of know what happens when assassination becomes a tool of politics. Saying it does not end well understates the case to the point of ridicule; it doesn't end.

My thoughts are with her family and friends.

Update, 2:35 PM

According to CNN, among the victims was a child. The suspect is in custody.

Update, 2:51 PM

CNN Blog

The total number of victims has been raised to eighteen; of that number, it is reported that six have died. The world is infinitely less in their passing. I hope they weren't afraid.

Representative Gifford remains in surgery. According to reports attributed ot Fox News, Gifford is responding to commands after surgery, but I can't get a direct attribution. Piers Morgan's Twitter contains a quote.

Update, 3:05 PM CST

Okay, missed this earlier; a Federal Judge is among the victims, status unknown.

Update, 3:14 PM CST

CNN Blog reports seven minutes ago to confirm one of the deceased victims was a child.

Representative Gifford is under anesthesia and out of surgery after taking a single gunshot wound to the head. She is in critical condition, but Dr. Peter Rhee, Trauma Director of the University Medical Center at Tucson, reports he is optimistic for her recovery.

CNN needs to load the press conference already. Thanks to [personal profile] mardia for commenting on what was happening.

Update, 3:22 PM CST

KOLD has identified the man taken into custody.

KOVA is reporting that U.S. District Judge John Roll was among the murdered victims.

Update, 3:47 PM CST

From President Obama, live press conference occuring now:

US District Judge John Roll is confirmed dead.

A child is confirmed dead; the child was nine.

President Obama confirms five dead.

The suspect has been taken into custody.

Representative Gabrielle Gifford has come out of surgery.

President Obama has offered the assistance of the federal government and an investigation is underway.

Ah, the Governor of Arizona is about to speak.

Update, 3:59 PM CST

Governor Brewer is visibly shaken and talks about Representative Gabrielle Gifford's record and her accomplishments. All was prefaced they have no new information at this time.

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