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the more you know
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so this is kind of worth getting up this morning. Plz to be using this in any and all welfare argument in the future, just because it is that awesome:

You may buy a bow and arrow with Food Stamps/SNAP in rural Alaska - Validation

Just knowing this makes life better.

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That is really interesting!

Although it does make me feel like I ought to make some sort of Sarah Palin comment...

That’s actually quite cool.

You know someone will protest, to which I counter-protest about the not allowing for the majority of organic foods at the local co-ops counting for WIC or food stamps. They have to put up signs saying which are allowed and which are not, and there are very, very few in the “yes” column.

really? in Ohio, you can buy pretty much any kind of food you want, except some food bar type items at Whole Foods. though Trader Joe's and Whole Foods aren't co-ops.

Yep. My partner works at one of the co-ops and, while a few more things have been allowed recently, things like bulk lentils and beans are limited to one type and even which type of milk is restricted. People have complained to the state because they are trying to eat healthier and being punished for it (meanwhile, you can buy all the Twinkies you want, so there's that).

that's just silly. i'm currently on food stamps, so i think i'm pretty grateful that i can get good organic produce or anything else i want at Whole Foods, or at the regular groceries that offer organic. most of the central-Ohio farmer's markets also take food stamps which is pretty awesome.

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