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vpn and working from home
children of dune - leto 1
...kind of fun, and kind of repetitive.

Mostly, logging into my work desktop is surreal and still novel enough that I enjoy doing it. It's also a little dangerous, since I'm anal enough that sometimes bringing work home is really tempting.

Of course, I'm on my third day of VPNing and I think I've doubled my week hours, not including the overtime I did yesterday at the office, then came home and logged back in until midnight.

Currently finishing up leftover testing. As I have been since noon. Its possible if you see me tonight, I will still be doing this. God, my life.

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Huh. So, you're overtime exempt? Also, yes, working at home can be very, very nice.

... huh. VPN is a remote-access thing? I thought it was a wireless network security program (it's what my university uses to protect its on-campus wireless network).

I'm sorry you have to work so much overtime; hopefully your bosses, if they can't reward you with overtime pay, at least say thank you (with baked goods if possible)!

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